~does anyone wanna help for a sec?~

Hey i was wondering whats all the componats that you need to make a unicycle? if you could send a pic or tell me that would just fine :smiley: thanx

Seat, seatpost, seatpost clamp, frame, bearings, hub, 2 cranks, 2 pedals, spokes, rim, rim tape, tube, tire, and probably some nuts, bolts, and washers to hold everything together. Some people have a brake. Perhaps taking your own uni apart would help you learn the components?

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as well as saddle handle, a back bumper and pins for the pedals.

(EDIT)I suppose you dont NEED these items to make a uni but they are helpful(/EDIT)

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just searche google for unicycle components and you should be able to find a list.

You only need one componet: something from www.unicycle.com

or in youre case Bedford Unicycles

i was considering on building my own, taking various parts for your average bicycle, but its alot more efort than money, i thin you may need to be engineerly minded. for example.

you’d have to convert your forks to compinsate for a different axel.
you’d have to buy a new cottless axel to fit inside the wheel.
and also a new seat, i couldnt imagin riding a unicycle with a bike seat.

everything else: eg pedals,pedal arms, quickreliease clamp, wheel, tire, and inner tube can come of a bicycle.

but for the price of all those conversion needed part, it would cost more than if you bought one brand new, with a new uni your garentied it will be strong and last.

hey you never know you could play with mountain bike forks and come up with some sort of serspention of the forks instead of conventional seat suspention methods.

1st component of starting a useful thread on a newsgroup: put the topic in the subject line. That’s what it’s for! :sunglasses:

If you do build it, just remember to buy it a Rose for valentines day.