Does anyone use white pedals outdoors?

UDC has black and white pedals on sale for $10.
I bought a white reagent unicycle and am looking for pedals to replace the dangerous impact knockout pedals.
I haven’t broken any low-end pedals yet, meaning I have not been doing heavy-duty tricks yet.
Was going to buy these pedals, but now UDC has sale, so wondering which color might be more appropriate.

I’m sure the white pedals would get dirty easily outside, but is that an aesthetic no-no, or is it okay?

I searched and couldn’t find reviews for whtie pedals; sorry if this is a pointless question…

Right now my 700c uni has white Odyssey Twisted PC pedals to go with the white Impact Naomi seat. Cheap and good. They haven’t gotten very dirty yet but I imagine they will eventually, and so will the seat. Aesthetic no-no? It’s my aesthetic so that’s up to me and I like it.

It depends on the material used. There are some plastics that change colour very soon to a dity-white somewhere between white, yellow and brown, and othery may just stay snow-white. Its hard to say before.

Twisted PCs are my favorite for all the kinds of riding I do. They are light, strong, grippy enough, have big enough of a platform, and high enough for a lof of us shorter folk.

They are also not as “dangerous” as a lot of other BMX pedals.

I like the twisted PC pedals and have them on my casual “around town” unicycle. However, white pedals are making a fashion statement, and you may want to be careful what message you are sending. White pedals in the summer are fine, but after Labor Day they are a fashion no-no: :roll_eyes:


Picture in case it helps.

That thing looks very sharp…

I like white pedals because its easier to find them w/ my feet at night.

Thanks, Killian. It’s a lot more basic than your 700c machine but it’s been great for banging around the neighborhood streets. The Naomi seat helps with the look and it’s comfortable enough for two and three mile rides. We’ll see if I need something more generous when my riding range goes up.

At night, you say? Wouldn’t glow-in-the-dark be even better? :slight_smile: Looks like they’re out of the catalog right now but I wouldn’t be surprised if they came back around eventually.

This place seems to have them in stock.

They’re even white(-ish) in regular light. I like them.

Any idea how they’d hold up to unicycle use? I tried a pair of ordinary department store MTB pedals on my 24" Sun and they blew apart (body cracked and they lost their bearings–literally!) after a dozen or so hard impacts against the blacktop.

There are glow-in-the-dark pedals on eBay too but I don’t know if they’d be up to the task. Twisted PC pedals seem to be able to take it, and the “PC” stands for “polycarbonate” (vs nylon, I’m guessing) which might be part of it.

Oh, back on topic: I just noticed that Nimbus White Plastic Pedals for $10.00 are part of the UDC holiday sale. Seems pretty good combined with free shipping.