Does anyone use Kris Holm gloves?

Does anyone use Kris Holm gloves?

I saw them on Kris’s website, and thought they were a good idea. I normally ride with gloves on, but that has a bit more to do with keeping them warm these days.

I don’t fall very often, I have to dismount loads of times, but sometimes when you are off road your wheel will stick, and get thrown off. It would be good to have some protection for your wrist when that happens.

Are the wrist straps still quite comfortable?


Kris’s gloves are awesome. Like a combination of Harbingers and bike gloves; the best of both worlds IMHO.

Wow those Harbingers are serious gloves, I had never heard of them before.

I have a pair, and wear them practically every time I ride.

They are super-comfortable, and offer firm (yet flexible) wrist support. They allow the hand to flex down, yet not up/back, which I find is a great combo.

As for “keeping warm”, let’s put it this way: they seem to be more designed to be cool in the summer, then to be warm in the winter!!!

I think they are fantastic gloves…

What he said. Get a pair…They’re as good, if not bettre than the harbingers, And they’re cheaper.


I use them and I think there great! They aren’t that fashionable but they have worked well for me! I would recommend them to you.

Thanks for the quick replies. I am not too bothered about how warm the gloves are. I will give them a try.


First of all I consider gloves to be the first piece of safety equipment to put on. I “never” hit my head but certainly do land on my hands. I’ve been using Harbingers for years and like them a lot. For the last 6 or 8 months I’ve been using a pair of Kris’s and like them even better. There are two things I like better: full fingered and no splint under the hand. The Harbingers may offer more wrist protection but overall I like Kris’s design better.


95 cents man…

The harbingers will also last you 3 times as long, as it is the nature of full fingered gloves to wear a ton faster, Plus the harbingers are leather.

I ride the harbingers when I expect hard impacts to my wrists (muni coker racing and street) and cheap 661 comp’s when I’m more worried about blisters or warmth. Both are nice.

I wear them and find them to be quite nice. They are a tad hot when it is warm out, but thats my only complaint and really cannot be cured without giving up necessary protection. I too reccomend them.

I am geting a pair of them next week hopefully

My gloves came in the post today, I only ordered them yesterday. Another example of great service from

The gloves are great, they are a really comfortable fit, and the straps work well. It is quite reassuring to have some protection for the wrists.

I will have to try and go for it a bit more now, I managed to clear a bit this dinner time, that I kept falling off before. It was only a bit over some rocks from an old wall, but I kept coming off before. A little bit of confidence makes all the difference.


I agree!

Glad you are happy with your purchase of the KH gloves. Now get out there and continue to see what you can do!!! :slight_smile:

So I received my KH gloves and decided to resurrect this thread.

they fit perfectly to my hands, they are comfortable
and now I have found a way to have a hankie close at hand!
(I fix it with the hand wrapper so I can wipe my nose without having to go for my pocket :roll_eyes: )

now a question: can this protect your wrists from a severe fall?
( a treacherous slip on muni, a fall from a Coker…) I have doubts …

thanks for any answer


I’ve been using the KH gloves since Christmas, and like them a lot. My reasons would mostly echo Nathan’s reply above. I like the full finger element for trials. With the half-finger Harbingers, a couple hours of hopping around give me cuts across my fingers right where the gloves end from my scuffed-up velo handle. With the KH gloves, no cuts. The lack of a palm splint is also better for both hopping and climbing, as you don’t need to cantilever your wrist forward unnaturally to get a good grip on the handle.

There are two applications where I will still use my Harbingers instead. First would be higher-speed road Cokering. If I go down above my runout speed, I want those splints on my palms since I may be riding on them like sleigh runners. Second would be rides where I plan on taking a lot of pictures. The covered fingers on the KH make it very difficult to operate the small buttons on my digital camera.

Overall, the design rocks. Great product Kris!

GREAT idea…thanks for that.

I’d like to try them but I have XL hands…

Darren has them in XL.

I found they offer good protection from backwards flex. I had broken my wrist during the summer, and a just recently I UPD’ed and took the impact on the same wrist.

I might have just been lucky but I think the KH gloves prevented another broken wrist.

I’ve never ridden a Coker to UPD at extreme speed but for MUni they have saved me from a bad fall.

Thanks for the tip, unique.

And no, I didn’t post the second quote. :wink:

Sorry, I didn’t notice I had a problem in the code. :frowning: :slight_smile: