Does anyone use a Brake-Booster?

On a 4-bolt magura set up like on KH cycles.

I’m doing a lot of very-steeps, and my arm and fingers get really, really, really tired.

Does it work? Down-sides?

I’m on a KH24. It doesn’t flex much, but it flexes visibly, which has to represent energy loss that doesn’t reach the rim.

I’m already running the red compound pads. I’ll listen to other solutions as well.


My 29:er. It’s hard to find something that fits on a 24" due to the sheer girth of the rubber…

Nothing negative, except a few extra grams.

What about one of the systems where you can “lock” the brake at a certain drag without applying continuous pressure? I thought I saw a thread recently where MuniAddict was espousing these…

cool but it looks easy to bend the mounts on it, if you were to drop it on a rock

it would be a allot safer if it was mounted behind the brake mounts

and you could get better boost and you could make it smaller if it was made of 1/8 steel not to mention it would be be way cheaper

like this
note all the dimensions are off just my idea

The magura brake bosses like those found on the KH 24, 29 and 36er are designed to work with the standard matching clamps only. There’s no need for a brake booster. The only need for the booster is when you fit the maggies to a frame WITHOUT the standard magura bosses, like a coker.

If I put a booster on, I’d put it on the way 412 has. Not that I disagree about the efficacy of the booster being better when directly attached to the frame, but because the way the picture shows the setup, the crossover hose is protected. That’s the weak spot with Maguras in general–those puppies can easily get pulled out by just picking up a rock in your tire.

The frame flex issue and power loss are negligible for probably 95% of the riding most people do, I suspect. It’s not too often you need to lock up the wheel completely on a muni ride.

Have never felt a booster was necessary on the KH unis.

If you are having trouble with not getting enough stopping power from maguras, more than likely it is due to air in the lines.

I don’t think you need a booster.


But then wouldn’t there be sponginess in the lever feel after the pads hit the rim? I’d love it if that’s the problem, but I don’t think so. Truly, I’m frequently on 30-35% grades for an extended time (at least for as long as I can stay up and my arm can take it.)


To give my answer to some of the things mentioned.

  • You don’t need a booster, but it does improve feel as the frame flexes quite a bit (which is not strange). Up to a about 4mm/side or so when it gets steep.
  • If you are afraid of breaking it, get a 4 bolt.
  • A bit of the flex comes from “mount twisting” which is not adressed if you put the booster on the inside.
  • Also it makes the brake less prone to squealing.

There are cheaper alternatives, the one i got is one of the lightest and about more than half of what the maguras cost me. (I’m just a big kid… :slight_smile:

A brake booster isn’t going to make it easier to brake and take less pressure on your arms; the maguras are some of the easiest brakes to engage.

I do know about the type of fatigue you are talking about. Maybe you should try the Spooner? Or mount the brake on a t7, if you are running a coker.