Does anyone sell/ willing to make plates for a bc wheel?


Does anyone sell the medal plates u stand on for a bc wheel? Or is anyone willing to make some and sell them to me.

Thanks brian

I don’t know off hand if Bedford will do this…but why not shoot him an email?

I don’t see why he wouldn’t sell just the plates?

At least you know you’d be getting the perfect plates for it!

Yeah Darren’s the guy to ask.

I emailed Darren about this a while ago. This was his reply:

Keep in mind that this was sent in November and things might have changed.


Nothing is available here in the UK. THe closest would be a impossible wheel.

I have got a wheel of free from a bike shop coz i told them what it was for, and they seemed to be impressed. Its not the greatest wheel in the world, but it will do to learn on, before I buy a BMX wheel.

For the platforms (or plates), yesterday I went to a local steel fabricators with a small sketch of what I wanted, with measurment etc.

I’ll let yous know what they are like when I get them back…


I’ve been collecting the bits to make a bc to use for powerkiting. (I have decided to cheat initially and extend the footplates to touch the ground behind, as I can’t see how I’ll be able to fly the kite and get the wheel rolling / jump on).

I’ve been collecting the bits to make a bc to use for powerkiting. (I have decided to cheat initially and extend the footplates to touch the ground behind, as I can’t see how I’ll be able to fly the kite and get the wheel rolling / jump on).
My way to make the plates is to get a piece of 120mm square hollow section steel (aka SHS / RHS / box section / square tube) with 5mm thick walls, draw the shape onto 2 sides, and cut them out with a grinder. they’ll come out with a flat base, the mounting flange on one side, and I’ll leave a little lip on the other side, so my feet dont slip off. 5" of tube should make 1 pair (Pic’s to follow when I’ve made mk 1 this afternoon). I’ve got about 6 or so feet of this box section in my shed at the mo, so if anyone else (uk) wants some I should be able to chop a few extra sets out fairly cheaply.

Bedford Unicycles sells the platforms on there
own for 75.00 CDN or 55.00 US per set.

They are made of 6061 Aluminum
Mounting hole is 14mm
Powder coated high-gloss black
Surfaces are covered in grip tape for traction
Lightweight and super strong
Another hand made item by Bedford Unicycles

Complete Bedford BC wheels are:
140.00 CDN or 105.00 US

Complete Deluxe Bedford BC wheels are:
175.00 CDN or 135.00 US

I hear time and time again about the difference and feel of the ride once someone finally gets a
Bedford BC wheel.
After trying to make and ride them on their own out of regular bike parts and all the problems they have with pedals, pegs and bent parts… they finally order one.

Save yourself the hassle… be proud of what you ride… get a Bedford BC wheel !

You will be glad you did. The latest was Sofa.

Don’t settle for the guys copying my designs.
Like Coca Cola… Get the real thing.

Ryan and Jeff both ride Bedford BC wheels and have been a big part of the development of the latest wheels.
Watch for new videos coming soon. These guys are
going way beyond making the impossible possible !

Kris Holm will have his Bedford BC wheel this week. He asked for one during the TOque games in Toronto but TUGBOAT (Kevin McMullin) got the last one I had in stock at the time.

Always contact me for the lastest info on Bedford Unicycles. Constantly improving unicycles and parts for the unicyclist.

Enjoy the ride,

info (at) bedfordunicycles (dot) ca

Done. About half an hours work with a grinder / drill.
I’ll have to see how it holds up :slight_smile:
I’ve decided to add a separate ‘drag bar’ made from a ‘U’ of 1" tubing linking the footplates around the back of the wheel, as making the plates that long would have been too heavy.
The wheel is an early 80’s aerozytec BMX wheel that needs new bearings, so I’ll have to wait to try it out.

If I am infringing an original design, I’ll have to do them for free (+ postage of course) if anyone does want to try some…

Zack Baldwin made a really sweet BC wheel a couple weeks ago. His platforms are made of steel, and have griptape. I saw this thread and just asked him if he would make platforms for people. He said sure, for $20 a pair (not including shipping).

They probably aren’t as lightweight as Bedford’s, but they work really well. And Zack is a really good welder and machinest. I’ll take a picture of em on Wednesday and attach it to another post.



Ya jester that would be great! I’ll wait for the picks and see.


I took some pics of zack’s platforms…


one more…


That looks great. Can I make one suggestion? I would think that a triangle gusset by the lower weld would help add strength to the setup as well as prevent the rider’s foot from getting too close to the axel and hitting their ankle on the nubs.

That said, Jester, check your PMs.


Nice wheel!

I’m building my wheel, but dont know how exactly to attach the plates.
Are they bolted on tight and use the actually bearings in the hub to move, or are they bolted on not so tight, and just spin on the axle?

Might sound like a daft question… but I need to know!


Don’t they just use a normal bike front hub? That way the wheel spins independantly of the axle, and the plates bolt to where the front fork would attach.

Not that I’ve ever made/tried/seen one, mind.


No, the plates and axle don’t move independantly, but the axle spins in the shell of the hub. I’m having some made, they should hopefully turn out ok, will post pics when they are done!

Darren: How much would it cost to A)ship the plates to the UK and B)ship a whole BC wheel?


uniextreme, daino, (and anyone else interested in Zack’s platforms) ----

If you want to know more about the platforms or want to buy them, call Zack at 916-705-9931. Don’t be afraid to call, Zack uses the phone a lot, and doesn’t communicate by internet that much.

If you really don’t feel like calling long-distance or whatever, I SUPPOSE you can just email me or post here, and I’ll tell Zack to contact on through email or pm. He occasionally posts here on (under “zack”).

I hope that helps everyone…




I need your complete address to get a price on shipping to the UK.

Shipping the platforms wouldn’t be to much.
Shipping the whole wheel may be.

I just shipped a Bedford Deluxe BC wheel to Kris Holm. It was 25.00 CDN to send it assembled from Toronto to Vancouver.
It may have been a little cheaper without the platforms attached.

Send me a e-mail with your address for a shipping rate to UK.


Yesterday I made some drawings for Zack Baldwin to make a fancier set of BC pegs. He’s kind of hyper so he should have the next version made pretty soon. These will angle away from the wheel with a gusset underneath (not where it will interfere with your feet). Plus there will be a lot less material in them, and the structure should allow them to be lighter. The ones pictured above are pretty heavy but are Tommy Miller indestructable.

I have another idea in my head for an even stronger/lighter pair, but each successive improvement is more complicated, so would involve more time and effort to make…