Does anyone own one of these / had a go on one?

I’ve been looking a lot ot Qu-Ax unicycles just lately (looking for something cheap and tough) and came across this beast. It doesn’t seem to be on the Qu-Ax site at all, but I think I like it. Obviously it’s more of a novelty item than a daily rider, but I love the “pimp” look of that huge tyre.

So what are the advantages of having such a wide wheel other than looks? Surely it would make rolling resistance higher making it a lot harder to ride? Has anyone ridden of these things?

Link to the actual product page is here.

Sorry if there’s a thread somewhere else, I searched for “Qu-Ax Fatty” but couldn’t come up with anything. :roll_eyes: that might help :slight_smile:

id get it if i was sure the rim was very strong & it had isis

Cool, I didn’t see that they had them on I first spotted them at that other (very expensive!) site.

Looks like it isn’t an ISIS hub, so maybe more a novelty item than something for doing drops etc. on. Just looks like an interesting bit of kit and wanted ot know how it rides, if anyone here’s actually had the chance to ride one!

Also looks like the version is a Nimbus frame, while the other is a Qu-Ax frame (or maybe they mislabelled it - looks identical).

We came across one of these in the LBS today, and I was just going to post and see if anybody had seen one.
The thing was MASSIVE! It had “20 x 4 1/4”(!) stamped into the tire.
Next time I’ll see if they’ll let me take it for a spin.

That must be fun to ride:p and it must the good for learning WW also, but… it must also be really heavy!! I’ve seen one a month ago, I organised a unicycle ride and we saw that on the back of a 18-wheeled-truck:p

I don’t know if the rim is strong, but I question the strength of the overall wheel. They may have done it the best way possible, but the spokes are way spread out side to side.

In any case, this is a wheel from a cruiser bike, and the design did not include any intent to do drops with it, so use caution. I think the square taper axle is appropriate to match the wheel. :slight_smile:

I’ve ridden one. They ride “funny”. Great going straight, strange when you make turns (on pavement).

HI All,
New guy Steve here. Was looking around and came across this thread.
I have this idea for a fat tire unicycle. I have a 70’s Schwinn 24 inch that has seen better days.
I am thinking of using a rear tire from a sport bike motorcycle to make a fat tire unicycle. Tire would be about 7 or 8 inch wide and maybe 24 to 26 inch diameter. Watching a couple wheels on Ebay. I am sure it would be a bit harder to ride and would give a good work out. But being in my 50’s I think I could use the excercise.
Has anyone ever seen this done before? Great Web Site! Steve

Like this? Yes, it would definitely be a workout. I wouldn’t go that heavy, you probably won’t ride it much if it weighs that much…

That’s Stupid! But I would really like to try it though:p I can’t imagine how hard it would be to turn with that thing…

WOW that is wide huh? Was not thinking that big. Maybe a 1/3 that wide. I just gotta ge different. Thanks for the picture tho. Steve

Wow. That’s very big and very pink!

Would be fun to try that out. Looks like some sort of bike show - did anyone there actually ride that monster?

I have seen a picture of a guy riding it on Google image search “fat tire unicycle” going in a straight line. Not sure how you would turn it tho. Get off, turn it, and get back on maybe.

I’ve seen two other pictures of that “drag racing” unicycle. One is of the guy on the start line of a dragstrip, presumably heading down the track in a sideshow-type event. The other was that Google one. Turning that beast would probably involve getting it up on one edge or the other, probably not too hard after figuring out how to wrestle it into the necessary position.

I have no idea how that pink thing would ride, I would guess the flat tyre profile would cause a few problems.
The smaller tyre version (the Nimbus) shown in here feels really smooth, but definitely prefers to be ridden in a straight line.


Won my bid on the sport bike rear tire on Ebay. Came off a Yamaha R6. Came a couple days ago and I have been planing on how it is all going to come together. Bought a set of bearings and lock collars off of Ebay also for the project. Thought I would share a picture with you all if I can figure out how to do it.