Does anyone own a nimbus 24"?

I was looking at getting a nimbus 24" (not muni) for pavement riding and messing about. I have a 20" circus type and a nimbus 26"disc.

If you have one what do you use it for? What its capabilities in standard form?

Sorry for all the silly questions - I am new to unicycling.

I have(it’s actually my wife’s)the nimbus II 24" with a high pressure slicker tire on it and it’s my general screw around uni. I almost always have it in the car and its great for freestyle, juggling, rolling smaller stair sets, and general screwing around when you have a little time. I also own a dialed trials uni and a KH29 but the 24 is my first choice for just going out for a low key play session.

Thanks for that… Just what I wanted to hear… What length cranks are they? They look quite short.

The cranks I have on it are 130mm but honestly the 125’s it comes with make it feel very zippy and fast, especially with a high psi tire.

Just ordered one for …“the wife”! Do the pedals need upgrading.

Fantastic, the stock pedals are the same quality as the blue ones I have on it and work great for general use.