does anyone now who kevin mcmullin is??

there is a pro unicyclist from my city(saint john n.b canada)and i want to know if anyone has heard of him?

Yeah he’s very well known on these forums, posts under the name tugboat. I hung out with him a little at unicon in the summer, he’s a nice chap.

everyone knows of him… he is one of if not the best big street rider.

that is awsem

have you riden with him yet?



Yep, lots of us here know of him, and as far as I know, he is travelling around a lot right now, so his name will spread easily into the other countries.

No who is that???
lol, he is very good, though Shaun would be the best…

I dissagree 100%. Kevin is a much better BIG street rider. Shaun only does that gay technical shit now (yes he is good but I find it boing to watch). He was probly better back when he used to do big stuff, but common, kevin can blunt a handrail! :astonished:

Kevin is extreme.

Kevin rocks!

I’m the best street rider ever.

bluntslides on rails turn me on!!

Id go gay for him… :roll_eyes:


Kevin is teh man.

he’s in India right now, buy I think he’s going back to St. John’s after fluck. should try riding with him, he’s a pretty cool guy.

does anyone else NOT know who kevin mcmullin is?
i almost made a new thread…

I know him!!!

First of all, this thread is hilarious. I appreciate all of the comments about changing one’s sexual orientation for me… Also, I would like to take this time to say that Shaun is a better Big Street rider than me too. He has done nearly all my big tricks (except foot 7… that’s legandary… I don’t even think I will do it again hahahaha).

In response to this quote: Yes I am in India right now, but I have never been to, and will never return to “St. John’s”. This city is in Newfoundland, and I hail fro the much better province of New Brunswick, where the city is called “Saint John” (Saint is spelled out, always).

Next, that’s awesome that there are some riders in my city! My mom tells me that she sees people riding down my street sometimes… do you guys live anywhere near Quinton Heights be any chance? I’m getting back to Saint John on July 15th, and would love to go for a ride sometime. I’ll be there for about 2 weeks before I go back to school in North Carolina.

See ya!
Kevin McMullin