Does anyone know who this is?

This video was taken in Venice Beach, CA awhile back and I’m desperate to find him. Does anyone know who it is or could put me in touch?

If not, is there anyone in the LA area that could do this?

Please let me know! It’s for a great opportunity!

That’s Jamey Mossengren, and everybody here (almost) knows him. He’s pretty well known. Here’s his website:


Thank you SO much!!!

It doesn’t sound like him, but most of what he was doing reminds me of stuff Jamey does, so I thought that guy was ripping off Jamey’s show. But if you’re sure that’s him, maybe he just sounds different when performing?

And the giraffe looks great; I don’t think I’ve seen that one up close. I know it breaks down pretty small.

Pretty sure it’s Jamey; it’s definitely someone really tall on a giraffe. Look at the stills at 3:05.

I think the loudspeaker is just giving some echo, which is changing the way his northern midwestern accent comes off.

Jamey is Down Under these days but travels to the States now and then.

Thanks everyone! I got in contact with Jamey, but sadly he is in Australia and can’t make it.