Does anyone know what this split frame Uni is?

I got this Uni second hand and I’ve noticed its different from most I see around, as the frames is split into halves and are only connected through the bolt. I was wondering if anyone knew what it was and if it’s possible to find others like it?

I believe most of the old Schwinn unicycles had that type of frame. I had one. Here’s a sample of one posted on craigslist recently. Yours looks a bit different.
See Schwinn unicycle - bicycles - by owner - bike sale


What is written on the fork? Schwinns have flat forks apposed to the stamped look of these. The Schwinn was an extremely popular unicycle, I’m sure it was copied by other manufacturers.

It says Piranha, in blue stickers.

It looks the same as my Semcycle purchased in the early 90’s

The big question is did you finish the ride 58 miles on the semicycle?

I bought and learned to ride a unicycle just to do the London to Brighton bike ride (the route then was 58 miles) in 1992.

I trained for about 2 months before the event (I’d only learnt to ride a few months beforehand) before the event my training sessions were up to 8 miles. I figured all I had to do was that 7 times and then another 2 miles

Yes, I finished on it