Does anyone know what this is?

The listing claims it is schwinn but it doesn’t look like it.

Well, if you look closely at the close up shot of the frame, it does look like a Schiwnn

EDIT: And also the rim apparently:

The sticker is definitely that of an authorized Schwinn dealership; looks like it says Scott’s Bike Shop. Probably where the cycle was originally purchased. The frame looks like a Matthews, I think. Matthews or possibly Penguin. Most likely from the 70s. The seat is Messenger, and came on many unicycles from that period. The seat hasn’t been dropped much. On those, after enough drops the metal base protrudes out of it like a tongue sticking out.

You also have the Schwinn S-7 rim on there, which means your tire is 1 3/4", which is not the same as 1.75". That means it’s hard to find a tire that will fit nowadays. That uni probably didn’t come with that rim/tire setup, but it might have. I don’t know enough about that brand. There were a lot of Matthews Giraffes around, but maker Bill Matthews passed away in the early 90s, I think, and that was it for the brand. Or it’s a Penguin, which I know even less about.

I don’t recommend buying it to ride it.

The description says that the seat is one of a kind.

So poo brown with sparkles is unusual?

I don’t want it. I just have never seen one quite like it.

You could say it’s rare, at this point, but certainly not one of a kind, and also not Schwinn. The sticker is Schwinn. The cranks are Williams (which I’m not familiar with). A good eBay seller will give you as much detail as possible, which this seller has done by reading the available labels and providing large, detailed photos. They won’t make stuff up.

That uni might make an interesting addition to my collection, but I don’t know how original it is. I think somebody took a (whole) wheel from a Schwinn and put it on that frame, maybe. Not sure if that would work or not, but it’s definitely a Schwinn rim, which means 28 spokes, which means likely a Schwinn hub. Or maybe that brand also used 28 spokes.

Hmmm. Only $34 at the moment… No, right now I don’t need to deal with more unicycles I’m never going to ride. I can see there used to be a sticker on the head tube, but don’t know what it was.

Its a Matthews. I had one of these as my very first unicycle. I’d recognise that frame anywhere! Mine was already kinda old when I got it second hand, but it still had a sticker on it that said ‘Matthews’. Mine also had a terrible pain-inflicting saddle on it which I quickly replaced. The rim on mine was not a Schwinn rim, but was 28 spoked and had cottered cranks.

Yes, it is a Matthews, made in Temple City, CA in about 1966. I have one just like it. The saddle was originally sparkly gold!