does anyone have this BC?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has this BC wheel and how they like it.



i have the same one but in red. Not too sure if it’s good or not since i actually can’t ride well but from what i’ve seen on uni movies, the really good people have longer pedals so it might be worth the investment to get longer pedals.

I hope that price is american because i got mine at bedford unicycles for 150$ hmmm… :thinking:

I’ve had it since Wednesday. It’s pretty nice, but once you get it take it to a skate shop for grip tape.

I got my first one from Bedford for $150 also and from what I have heard, the bedford plates are stronger so the price difference is worth it. I can’t prove that bedfords are alot stronger because I have never ridden on the yuni plates but I have heard that some people have bent them.
Personally I like the long plates ALOT more.

I have had it for a little while and I like it. It’s fun to get pulled by a bike :sunglasses:

was the difference between the PRO BEDFORD plates and the bedford plates??
and are bc wheels hard to learn???

The normal Bedford plates are the short ones and the PRO plates are the long ones.

ok would the PRO plates fit on a normal 20" wheel?? or would it be better to get the Whole set with the wheel??

Is it difficult to ride a BC wheel?


ok, If I get a bc, which probably isn’t that likely intul my B-Day in like 4 months ill probubley get the Bedford


They would fit on any wheel with a 14mm axle.

ok… is that the same as most BMX bike wheels??

Yes, the good ones. Most of the cheesy ones have 10mm axles, though. You can pick up a 20" rim with a 14mm hub at your LBS for around $40-$50.

would thoes 40-50$ wheels be better than the wheel that come with the bedford PRO BC for $175??

No, the $40-$50 ones are the cheaper versions. You can get nice expensive ones, but I always find that cheap stuff works just fine as long as you are careful.