Does ANYONE have size medium KH Percussion leg armor willing to take a measurement?

I ordered a size large because I have fat calves. But even the flap on the large doesn’t fit all the way around my leg in the back. I’m thinking I shouldn’t have ordered a large because the rest of it seems a little too big: straps too long, center hard piece too long. If someone would be willing to take a measurement of their size mediums to let me know if the back flap part isn’t too much smaller than mine, I think I’ll return them for a medium. I figure might as well have the rest of the armor be the right size.

If you lay the armor open on a flat surface and use a flexible measuring tape to measure the complete fabric at the largest point, the larges measure a little over 14.5 inches. That’s about an inch short for me. If Kris made the mediums shorter length-wise but not smaller around the leg, I’ll be asking UDC for an exchange.