Does anyone have a Torker AX?

title says it all

if you have one… how good is the frame/seat… is it an LX seat?

I like the silver one… it looks slick
it just fits its look if you know what I mean

I dont think they have even come out yet.

they have been on the site for a while now
they have the old DX on there too

it doesnt look very good i dont like rounded frames because you cant really do on the frame trinks and it would be harder to glide and that sorta stuff. thats just my opinion

They haven’t released them. From what I heard they are reworking the frame because it wasn’t quite as light as they wanted. It should be interesting to see where these aluminum round crown frames will be. I can see the 29er being a wonderful tour unicycle.

Once you change the cranks.

I like round crowned frame. If you put a little griptape on they are awesome