Does anyone have a review of the Road Relief Saddle?

Just looking for justification to buy one.

Any specifics? I didn’t see it on…did you see it somewhere? I don’t even know what it is, but I’d say buy it and tell us about it.

its a s walis seat.
I know megumi has one but shes out on the tour

it’s a scott wallis design

I think many on the Laos tour are using them. Perhaps I asked the question too soon.

If they are using it you will get a great response when they are back, because they will know exactly what they are like.



I don’t have one yet, but there will be one on the Coker that Dave Stockton is building me. Scott walked me through the whole build process at his shop and I’ve had a chance to ride his green monster muni which has one of the earlier versions on it.

My take: Scott takes great pride in his work and puts an incredible amount of thought behind his designs. They are extremely well built. I’ve just about maxed out the distance I can put on my stock Kris Holm seat at about 7 miles before I experience a personal “pinch flat”. The short ride that I took on Scott’s green muni reassured me that the cost of the seat is money well spent.

Although I’m a nube, I can’t think of a more important piece of gear to upgrade on a uni then the seat. I feel that I can easily do 10-15 mile road rides but have to bail at 7 due to seat issues. I have no doubt that Scott’s seat will help me get the distances I want.

Hope that’s helpful.

I think Scotts seats look really cool for those who can afford them, if I had tons of spare money I’d seriously consider one. I think he also does the most sensible post attachment mechanism out there.

However, I do think that if you’re bailing out at 7 miles, the quality of your seat is in no way the issue, the issue is your lack of distance riding experience and/or technique, or seating position. Plenty of people have done 60 mile plus coker rides on stock KH seats, with no real comfort problems. Even on the viscount seat, 70 miles is possible, although not so comfortable.


I question why he made the V grip the way he did. I use a GB4 and I think the symmetry is very important. I dont think I’d like riding distance with my arms in different positions. But the seat looks oh so comfy.

where can I see a pic of this saddle,and get more info? I may want to order one!:stuck_out_tongue:

Look down near the bottom of this page. And it looks beautiful.

i got one for xmas and it’s great!

the main reason i got it was to prevent numbness in my crotch on long coker rides. that happened a few times on last years tour de cure. i’ve been on a few long rides since getting the new saddle. absolutely no crotch problems.

also great is the super stiff seat base which is great when going up and down hills. you can pull on your saddle with no flex.

i love it! it’s worth the money even if you don’t get one as a gift:) .


Maybe, but at 230 lb + there’s a lot of downward pressure that is more of a contributer than anything else. I have to differ on with you on the quality of the seat though.

When riding a Coker that’s been outfitted with a trials seat I’m ready to quit at about 6. That seat feels like a piece of plywood with some felt glued to it. The KH saddle on my Onza is ultra firm with almost no cushion to it. The MUni that Kenny built had a KH style seat that was very cushy in comparison but I don’t know how it would feel after several miles.

You mentioned technique and seating position being possible contributors to low mileage pain. What should one check for? My legs feel fine when I have to stop. It’s just that I feel like I’ve been straddling a barge tow rope for 3 hours when it begins to start sawing back and forth. What could cause this?

Yes, I am also curious about the asymetry with the Vgrip. I’d like to hear from riders that have used GB handles or something similar and then switched to the Vgrip. What is the difference and if the Vgrip is preferrable, why is that?

I quite like the V-grip, but again had very little time riding on them. I didn’t find the assymetry too troublesome.

The seat from memory I think is some sort of foam injected over some sort of hollow core. I think that’s much preferable to a wobbly airseat. It looks pretty flat too which should make it good for not squishing your squishy bits.

On the GB4 I mostly place one hand on top of the other. The Vgrip would allow for that. And the additional grip mounted closer to the seat would come handy when hopping up a curb. To me this looks like a nice and versatile combination.

Hmmm, I thought is was an air seat.
Quote from Scott’s page - “RoadRelief” Saddle with molded air cushion and V-Grip Handle

The internals of the Wallis Saddle are a combination of shaped foam spacers and a shaped foam body that is airtight and has a Schrader air fitting. The Road Relief version provides additional control of the behavior of the foam under load by a more sophisticated leather cover which pulls the cover strongly downward into the “relief valleys”. The MUni version’s cover does not do this in order to keep water, mud and debris out of the valleys, however the underlying foam core does have them and one can feel the difference despite the cover’s appearance of being smooth.

OOps. I think that’s what I meant. It doesn’t feel like a regular wobbly/squishy airseat.