Does anyone ever scrape crank bolt area when pedal grabbing?

hi all,

sometimes when I pedal grab, I come down too far sideways on my pedal. that’s great i have a comfortable platform to do the second part of the pedal grab up with, but i notice that the end of my profile crank where the bolt is, is getting scraped around the edge. the head of the bolt/washer itself isn’t getting injured. just the lip-like edge of the crank that encases is.

is this good?

yeah, that happens alot. The washer does get worked a little, but it’s nothing to worry about. The “lip edge” does get bent in making it hard to get the washer out, but you should be able to pry it out with an allen wrench.

Oh, I’ve only got minimal wear around the edge, and even on the side of my crank from missed pedal grabs/pedal grabs gone wrong…

just wondering what others had to say. If I can get a good two years out of my cranks alone, I’ll be more than happy! I only expect three years out of a Profile hub. That’s so long, and so much wear on those parts!!

I wouldn’t worry too much about it… just try not to do it every time. Keep an eye on the crank, watch for stress fractures that could turn into a catastrophic break… it should be able to take the abuse though.


Oh I’m nowhere near anything as bad as a fracture.

Just once in a while scuffs…it’s usually the edge around the bolt, if you know where I’m talking about…Sometimes that sideways momentum makes it bump into the side of a ledge/object I’m grabbing on.

I don’t have the problem pedal grabbing, say, the top of a picnic table…there’s nothing for my crank to catch on, even if I do over-shoot my sideways movement.

usually when I pedal-up onto something only my pedal touches the object…If not, my tire bumps the ledge/object too (happens when my pedal isn’t on top of the object enough)

I have not one scratch on my profile nubs.

I’ve been grinding on my profile crank for about 4 years now (first 20" with a pro hub (as far as i know). The nub thing is wearing down on the bottom to the point that I am grinding on the bolt. This hasn’t really affected anything other than making it hard to get the cone washer out, I’m having more problems with the twisted axle, bent cranks, and the keyway slop that has just recently developed.

smacking the side fo your crank on aggressive pedal stalls wont hurt anything. I just noticed that danscomp sells a titanium axle bolt for profiles that would elimanate the washer.