Does anyone else use pogo sticks as cross trainers

My friend challenged me to a game of pogo and so I broke out my old pogo stick to practice my tricks before the game last weekend ( I lost btw 4 years of not using the thing really took a toll) but anyways after practicing I noticed I could hop higher and further more constantly and this being my second week of practice even my bmx is seeing some slight improvement in hop hight. Does anyone else use one of these for cross trianing?

Pogo sticks? Them things is dangerous!

only on a community of unicyclists could you find a question like that :smiley:

I used to Pogo a lot (I even used to pogo-stick to my friend’s house or to the shop!) But haven’t done it in years.

What ‘games’ do you play though? I just used to challenge my friend to, for example, jump down 5 stairs backwards…

Like you we’d challange each other to go jump off stuff, race, and do some simple stricks. We also did hopscotch and jump rope. The challanges we turned into a game of pogo like the game OUT we have here. :smiley:

I wouldn’t say that I use a pogo stick as cross training but I do use a pogo stick occasionally. It doesn’t seem to me that there’s a lot that using a pogo stick can help with unicycling.

Is there a high quality pogo stick for 200 pound adults, that you might recommend?

Your wieght is right on the edge of a super pogo stick but if you dont mind throwing in the extra cash I would go with the flybar 1200.
If you want the absolute best, have basic pogo skills down, and dont mind the price tag the Vertego V3 is the best on the market. If you dont have all the basics down confidently DO NOT GET THIS POGO STICK. This stick packs a punch this stick launched my 115lb self 6ft into the air. If you want it for excersize or xpogo and you have the basics down is the best.
Super pogo : $99
Flybar 1200: $240
Vertego V3: $369

I don’t have one but as far as I can tell the vurtego v3 is by far the best. I’m tempted to purchase one myself but it looks quite dangerous since some people can hop nearly 10 feet on one.

It helps to have the pressure adjusted to your weight and if you decrease the pressure you can have It so you can only jump so high well below the 10ft mark if thats what you desire.