Does anyone else go through those "phases"?

I’ve been going through a phase where I can’t seem to get motivated to go unicycling. I try to force myself to go out for at least a little while but I haven’t been enjoying it at all latly. I think that it’s because I am always riding by myself and im finally starting to get bored of it.

A few of my friends are aparently going to buy trials unis and if they do I will start riding a lot more with them and enjoying it more, so I hope they get them soon.

I’m not saying that i’m gonna quit or anything, I just need a way to get motivated. Anyone else ever have this problem?

Yep, but i see it as a good thing though. Because it makes learning new tricks easier so that way when your friends come over. All they can do is :astonished: and would want to learn what you learn. :smiley:

Oh my goodness! Im at a high point of uni bordness right now! I mean right now! Ive never been off my uni for so long. Its been almost 4 weeks. :astonished: I partly havn’t been riding because of tennis practive and no time after school, but I still have zero motivation. Im scared. This has never happend like this before. I have been still going on the forum though which is good. I dont know what to do either. the other day I watched a uni video and got some motivation, but when I go out and get on, Im just like…“well this is fun”…“NOT”. I have nowhere to ride, and nobody to ride with. I still dont think I could ever give it up completely, but its narrowing down much more now. I rode it the other day a little, and Iam still operating my uni at 100% effeciency, but the motivation is just lost.

What kind of riding have you done ?

Trials riding is kind of advanced and technical. Competitive types may feel bad if they (as they must ), suck for a while. :angry:
As an old fart, I can use the exercise, and have no ambition to show the young riders anything. Fun is everything, so I have a 20, 24 and 36. The change up perhaps sets back my trials training. Time spent on the 36 is time not spent learning to hop. I just don’t care at all:) , how good I get or how fast.:stuck_out_tongue:
Practicing beyond fun is maybe counter productive. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Great skill requires joy to highten the awareness. Unless there is big cash there, it is pointless to "practice " playing.
So maybe try other kinds of uni. The best riders in my neighborhood have been skate boarding lately.
It’s worth forcing yourself to be active. The couch must not win !:smiley: But other then that, focus on having a good time. :slight_smile:

yeah, im training for ragbrai and getting bored with riding alone (my teammates are all away training solo too since we go to purdue but are home for summer). It’s a pain, but ive found that for distance and endurance training, if you have a bike you can always find people to ride with, which helps. If they’re slow people you can even uni with them as they bike :stuck_out_tongue:

most of my friends have unicycles so its pretty easy for me to go out riding but if im really out of it I normally youtube some cool uni videos and believe it or not, it gets me motivated!

It happens to me every now and then. When it does I just stop. I am not going to ride if its not fun. For me it usually goes away in a few days though.
Now I noticed if I am always working on new stuff then I don’t get bored with it. Most of my riding is in front of my house by myself and that can get boring sometimes.

That must be really hard, having nowhere to go to. I’m really really lucky in that I pretty much always have somewhere to go. I have a skatepark within crawling distance (if I wreck hard), and I have a buspass, access to a car, and I work downtown anyways so I’m always around good places to ride.

I’m actually in that phase right now. I’m alone i my town, so it’s not that interesting anymore…It’ll get better, I guess

I had decided to take part in a 58mile bikeathon.

I was finding it really difficult to fit the training in - with my work and study schedule and with the weather being rubbish. I was getting stressed and not enjoying unicycling - just thinking about it as a means to an end.

Last weekend (rubbish weather again) I did a bit of Muni instead. I thorougly enjoyed it and found lots of new places to ride. I’ve decided to give up on the idea of training for the Bikeathon and I’m going back to enjoying uni just for the sake of uni.

im not riding as hard as i did a month or so ago, but thats just cause my uni is starting to die and it needs to last a few more weeks

Sure, of course I do. In the last few months of school (another few days before summer) I was just so stressed and constantly tired that I lacked the motivation to really do anything. It wasn’t depression by any means, but I just didn’t want to go ride. So, I didn’t force myself to. It’s supposed to be fun and relaxing to ride - if it’s not, just don’t ride. No one’s gonna be mad at you.

Yea that happened to me the first 5 ot 6 months of unicycling, but I always want to go outside now.
With being able to learn a whole bunch of new tricks get you really exited, and when you at a stuck point when you arnt learning anything new at the time, I do some trials!

That’s kinda where Im at. It’s not quite depression…lol, but I just dont have the power to not just unicycle, but do anything. That’s why It feels wierd, this has never happend to me ever before. School is winding down and each day seems more stressfull with end of the years tests, tennis closing up, and exams starting.

I experience this with nearly everyone of my hobbies. I seem to go through phases with wildlife photography, playing banjo, longboarding and competitive handgun shooting. My first uni is on its way and I don’t expect it to be any different. I have a lot of potential in all of these areas, but I just have too many different passions. I’m sort of a jack of all trades and a king of none.


I went through a big phase like that until my friend learned. Now we ride every day.

Handgun shooting you say? Ah…that’s my other main hobby. Not competitive, but I go out shooting alot. Iam actually looking to buy a .44 Colt Walker at the moment. I like black powder shooting (see my name). Well hello, It’s nice to see another “shooter” on the forum.

I have the same problem of lack of motivation. I have not ridden in about 8 days but that is due partialy to being sort of sick and having a sick girl friend to tend to, but when I go through a lull like this I like to drive around my town and find new stuff to ride. But my town is flat so for trials there is very little in the way of stairs and concrete any thing, thanks to the city wanting things to look “natural”. I have one friend who rides at the same skill as me so that helps alot. The last time that I rode was in a new city I had never ridden in, but I was alone so the area lost its luster and I didn’t push my self too much.

I agree that watching videos seems to help a bit, I also get my uni out and do some maintainence on it. That gets me going a bit more. Another thing that seems to work is go out, at least in my town, and watch the trials bikers at night if you can find them. I usualy just cruise around the normal places they hang out and try to find them. It is amazing how much motivation it is to show up the bikers. I hope that you get motivation, and if nothing works go target shooting. As you can see I am from Montana so I understand the theraputic value of shooting for fun:).

I’ve gone through loss of motivation type stuff… I have plenty of places to ride around at most of them I can get to by bus and such, but I broke my '06 DX so i can’t ride trials luckily I bought a Nimbus 36’er and now I’m riding distance more until my DX gets fixed or I have enough money for a new frame, that an distance is really fun right now. I wish my friend would actually learn to ride like he said he wanted to (I lent him my CX so he could learn) but he tries for about 15 minutes gets frustrated and then he gives up and it sits in his basement unused… it’s sad… I wish more people lived around me and rode…

I real realy demotivated to go and a ride, but I went for my fist uni ride in a while and realy enjoyed it. I gona push myself to learn to glide over the week so that’ll be fun :slight_smile: