Does anyone else even Ride these cranks anymore?

Ive noticed lately that eveyone has either got Koxx, New KH, or profile cranks…Doesnt nayone other than me ride the KH '03/'04 cranks anymore? Theyre great cranks and icant under stand why nobody rides them. Thyre wicked strong and they take alot of abuse.

So does anyone ride em any more?

Incase you dont kno which ones i mean theres a pic below



yeah most trials riders around brisbane her do cause the are part of the wicked strong GP uni ,
its like a
Qu_ax seat
alu seatpost
old KH frame
aricle hub(the one you are talking about
maxxis CC
DX pedals

my friend has one and he and i both love the uni
not in that way you sicko

How do you buy them?

I guess because there is better out, and the nubs on those supposedly hurt your ankles.

Ive never hit myself on them…

one of your spokes at least LOOKS like it is laced wrong… if you look at the cross closest to where the crank/frame block the view, it definitely doesn’t look right.

I see what you mean…Its just the angle of the shot.

I got some of them on my uni.


ohh ok, good!
thats kinda crazy.

Those nubs are quite easy to remove. They did bloody my ankles before removal.

pdc thats looks sooooo secksy

Pfft…All of Pdc’s unis are sexy:)

I used to have them. They are very strong. I had the newer ones (with less of a nub), and I hit my ankles maybe 5 times, only because I was riding with my feet crooked. I sold them to I think maestro8, and as far as I know he is still riding on them.

I used to ride those too. I sold my wheel to pdc because I bought a used kh/onza hub and cranks from Anthony because at the time people thought it was stronger and I wanted shorter cranks (I started with the 140s on the 03 kh wheel). Now I just got a used koxx devil wheel with 140 cranks and now it turns out I think I like the 140 cranks better than the 127s. So if I just kept my first wheel in the beginning it would have all been fine.

Edit: oh and when I used them I hit my ankles so often I had a permanent wound on my ankle and every time i would ride I hit it again and it would open up and blood went everywhere. That happened mostly with crankflips.

Ditto. I have scabs on my ankles permanently, and everytime I ride I hit them several times. You’ll see in my vid coming soon. It mostly happens when I gap, or gap to pedal grab, I think because the sideways momentum slams my ankle and foot into the side of the cranks. Nubs are evil…

My friend has those cranks. I am trying to convince him to let my dad take them off because my dad says it would be way easy. He hits his ankle often but I hit them more when riding his uni because I am not used to them.

When I switched to new cranks my ankles healed but I still have scars.

I’ll probably end up with ankle biters instead. It’s kind of weird, I only get hit on my left side. Do you think it has to do with the fact that I hop left foot forward, or that I hop to that side?

I’ve ridden Trials_Uni’s Unicycle and I didn’t have problems hitting my ankles.

I also ride a Torker DX… which is nearly as bad for ankles…

Because your left foot is the only one by the nubs while hopping?
Right foot is behind the nub… I think