Does anyone else destroy shoes this often unicycling?

I seem to go through shoes really fast when I ride in them. I usually ride in vans. My pair of shoes that I had before the current ones were 661 shoes and those fell apart really fast. I don’t know what it is exactly about my riding that destroys them.

I have had this pair for about 3 months and there is basically nothing left on the inside of the right shoe.

It is kind of getting annoying that my shoes don’t last very long.

maybe your bc wheeling? i know my shoes are already ripping on the inside from rubbing the grip tape on the sides of the plates.

3 months is about right for me aswell. Funny enough my last pair of dead shoes (now my kitchen shoes) had the same thing happen to them. The stitching came out on the inside of the right shoe. I also snapped the baseplate in the shoe so I can fold them over a pedal which is pretty horrible for riding. It is annoying though because I tend to only destroy a couple parts on the right shoe so the left is still fine and the top and other sides of the shoe and the grip of the sole are all fine.

i always loose them before they get to that state, i dont generally where shoes as a rule, mostly thongs and some sweet sandalshoes :0:0

so i am forever taking skate shoes on and off for uni, they dissapear really easily :frowning:

nice work though spence, ive never done that before. that is a mark of dedication.

I wear similar shoes, Vans TNTs, and they last for approx 1 year of riding and general wear (basically they’re the only shoes I wear for everything, except running shoes or hiking boots when I’m out in the hills without a unicycle)


Shoe destruction

I destroyed a couple of pairs of shoes pretty fast from learning to glide. At first I probably braked a bit hard while sussing it out and I ended up with a big groove. The sides of my shoes are fine most of the time, they only catch sometimes if my foot placement is a bit bung. I wear out pants, shoes and tires at a relatively even rate- gotta get new ones of each eventually.

mine get messed up from gliding, and when I land partly on the crank and roll away it tears the soul away from the rest of the shoe( from the crank (profiles) nub digging in to the shoes

I use dunlop volleys, I got through them pretty quickly, probably a pair will last about 3 months, 4 or 5 months if they are signed by someone famous:D

This is the the extent of wear after a few months of riding, I find they get more wear and tear when I ride a BC, the nuts dig in and rip them.

I get through shoes pretty quick too, depending on the shoes and depending how much i ride but i’m learnding to glide at the mo so thats probably why.
I also get through shoe soles, i just get gapeing holes in the bottom rubber bit, due to trials bad landings etc.
Koxx and Kris holm should make like special extra hardcore trials shoes to take the abuse or something.


I learnt to glide a few weeks ago, while I was learning the bottom of my sole wore down pretty quickly. so now my left shoe has less than a millimeter of sole left while my right shoe has at least 5 times that.

Try-All makes shoes for trials, everal people (like joe hodges i think) wear them.;jsessionid=1545eff8a07fb2a/shopdata/index.shopscript

get good shoes like circas

I wear light hiking boots and haven’t had any problems with them over a year of riding. But then, I do muni mostly and need the boots for ankle support due to weak ankles.



I hate the skating shoes, and I dont like wearing Converse unless they ahve ankle guards in there.

The best shoes I have ever wore for unicycling were a $10 pair of light hiking shoes from walmart. They were grippy for the pedals, but not too grippy. They where mid-top to give excelent ankle support, but not be too restricting like some high-tops.

They were very solid and werent flimsy at all, and were the best shoes I ever had for unicycling, and lasted the longest. I would still have them now, but I cut them in half with a knife. =p

I hate “skater shoes”…

I had some of those and the whole front of the right shoe became no longer attached to the bottom so everyone could see my toes when I walked.

The bolts on my bc wheel don’t touch the sides of my feet so thats not the problem.

I use adios, and their great.

they are all leather stuff, and they are really really durable.

get some, adios are great.


I have had the same pair of shoes for the last 2 years. I started with vans, and love them, but when they had holes in the side i moved on to Tony Hawk shoes. They have since discontinued the style which i use, but then have been good to me. I say look for Hawk shoes.

-Budd White

that looks like a left footed shoe to me…not the right one

It is the right shoe. The webcam in my laptop mirrors the image so it is really flipped.

hahaha… that’s a funny sight for some reason. Are those your first pair of shoes? lol