Does anybody want to sell me a trials uni?

I want a 20" trials unicycle, but I would prefer to buy one used, and save some dough. So, does anybody have a trials unicycle just rusting away in their shed? If so I might just buy it if you offer to sell it.


I’m not sure how many people would have trials unicycles rusting away in their sheds, mainly because trials unicycles are fairly new. Anyways, you’re best bet might be to buy a rim and tire off a trials biker (used) and then build it up with used thing. i.e. a viscount saddle, suzue hub, B.E. cranks, and a Bedford / YUni frame. Before you buy anything though, you might want to call Darren Bedford, and get a quote, because it might be the same price to buy a unicycle from him



A place to talk to bike trials riders is
go to buy and sell
they are all very nice there, like here

What is a trials unicycle? Is it made just for speed or something?



John, Do they sell unicycles there, or would I buy parts from them to build a trials unicycle?

About how much are his unicycles? I saw the multi-colored ones, and those look cool, but also expensive.

hugh and jester

Jester-Not a time trials uni. Trials unicycles are built for strength. Trials is getting over obstacles by hopping or riding without putting your feet down.

Hugh-It is a bike trials site, so you would buy a 20" rim and a trials specific tire from the forum. I dont think any have unis but you could ask. m_extreme_uni said that you should buy them from a trials biker, so I was just giving you a good site for that.

ohh, I get it. That is a great idea John.

Trials riding is a style of riding where the rider challenges themselves using obstacles. This might entail jumping onto/over things or riding on narrow objects, etc. Trial unicycles are usually 20 inchers, but some people use 24. The cycles will have fat tires and strong components to take the force of impacts. Heres a link for the trials cycle page on

I personally don’t have much experience in riding trials, but I am hoping to get into it. My Summit 20 is going to arrive in a week! :smiley:

In trials riding, there usually isn’t very much traveling. The cycles are normally heavy, fat tired, small wheeled (diameter), and long cranked. All this makes for a slow ride.

The information above is just what I know about this segment of unicycling, perhaps other more experienced trials riders will post a better explanation.

Hope this helped,

Re: John

Bedford is based in Canada, so all their prices are in Canadian dollars. I don’t know what the exchange rate is, but I’m pretty sure their cheaper in US dollars. Shipping will cost more though. It’s probably just easier to work through

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