Does Anybody ride at UConn or surrounding area?

Hello everyone, i have been riding unicycles for a while and decided to take it out up on my campus. there is amazing trials lines and structures. If anybody is in the area and wants to ride sometime, maybe spring unless it thaws out pretty good, it would be awesome. there are some freeride MTB kids that are pretty cool but nobody to do uni stuff. I would like to make a short trials/street movie in anyone is interested. if anyone that goes to uconn and rides please let me know.

Actually, there’s some good MUni trails at UConn, the blue dot trail near the Fenton river has some good spots and there’s others right near Gurleyville Rd. Also, there’s some easier trails at Mansfield hollow, around the lake and over off of Clover mill Rd. I would think there’d be some trials stuff around the hollow, too.

I haven’t been doing steet trials but have done some 20 milers on my Coker and a little MUni. I fact I’m planning on a little MUni down in Groton this Wednesday.

I’m in East Hartford so I’m about 30 minutes from Mirror Lake. I lived in Gurleyville :astonished: 37 :astonished: years ago.


I have checked out the nipmuck trail, and it is amazing. i have ran down it and mountain biked it a couple times. Although you are not supposed to go mountain biking on it, which is a waste of a good trail if you ask me. Do you know if there is any north shore style ramps on it, besides the ocasional bridge? I am more interested in the urban trials on the campus rather than the mountain uni stuff. my muni is very cheap, and my trials is more than $600, and my pride in joy.

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