Does anybody have a picture of the KH non-splined?

I want to buy a KH non-splined but I can’t find a picture of the actual product. I know there is a picture of it on Cambey website, but that is really a picture of a KH 24" splined taken from Does anybody have a picture of the 20" non splined?

The Norco website has a wee write up on it (under “trials”) that is accompanied by a lateral photo.

You should be able to get one for around $300 CAD at any Norco dealer (in Canada, anyhow). I know of two bike shops in Vancouver that have them on display, and another two that will order them in from Norco for you. I’m pretty happy with mine (but I don’t do anything particularly nasty on it for fear of destroying the hub and, well, just for general fear :roll_eyes: ).

The only thing I have changed thus far on mine is the pedals…the Wellgos with non-replaceable pins wore down fairly quickly, causing me to face plant on the visor of my helmet a few times before I changed them. Now it’s all good.


I have a picture of my KH20 which came splined but I upgraded to splined.

How much did you pay for the new hub/crankset? Was it cheaper to buy it that way?

Well, I paid $ 335 CDN tax included for the non-splined unicycle, and $225 CDN tax included for the hub and cranks. My Local Bike Shop had the unicycle in stock, but I had to order the hub/cranks. I was forced to go this indirect route as the unicycle is not available pre-built with splined cranks via Norco, only via It was cheaper to get the uni and parts separately rather than order a complete uni from and to pay the duty/taxes/exchange, etc. (I’m from Canada)

This unicycle rocks. You probably only need splined cranks if you intend to do big drops. I was bending cranks on three foot drops on my old uni with steel cotterless cranks. Now, I’ve done up to four and a half foot drops successfully on this new uni. Once I learn how to drop seat out(I’m having trouble) I’ll be able to do even bigger drops.