Does anybody else sometimes forget how to ride?

I guess by ride I really mean mount.

My standard experience on the 36er seems to be that the first mount of the day takes me ~3 attempts. After that I usually succeed on the first or second attempt unless I’m particularly tired, it’s uphill, tricky terrain etc.

I had a difficult ride a week ago. I had to dismount several times and each time it took me 10+ minutes to mount again. At the time I put it down to just being tired.

A few days later I went for short ride. Only had to dismount/remount once but it also took me a long time to get going again. When I arrived home I tried riding my 26 around the back yard, but couldn’t even mount that.

Today I had a decent ride planned, but just couldn’t mount my 36er. After half an hour I gave up. I was getting tired, it was cold and raining, and the route I had planned took me out into the sticks where there is no phone reception, so I didn’t want to get stuck.

I’ve had this happen once before, about 2.5 years ago. After a week of trying to get back on the 36er I ended up taking the handlebar and brake off, lowering the seat and putting long cranks back on and then I had to basically learn to mount again. It’s like my body just forgot.

Am I alone in forgetting how to mount sometimes?

You are not alone.

Your problem is that gravity is so screwed up in the southern hemisphere it’s practically impossible to learn how to do anything requiring balance.

Forget about your “go to” mount and start throwing other variables in there.

Start with your non dominant hand, foot, whatever… just don’t keep repeating the same mount that’s not working.

I’ve already tried with my wheel mounted upside down, but it made no noticeable difference :thinking: .

Lol :smiley:

Sometimes it seems I have at least 2 learning/understanding modes and they sometimes conflict…
My analytical and my kinesthetic understanding… both need focus…

When I’m mentally or physically exhausted mounting requires a lot more effort to focus …and get up there…

After a few days of practice I seem to be back to where I used to be - I can usually mount ok after a few tries. I’m going to spend the rest of the week in small daily practice sessions to see if I can improve things.

The problem is that when I get a chance to ride I just want to put in the miles. Riding up and down the street mounting and dismounting gets a bit tedious, but hopefully it will pay off.

It will definitely pay off. I usually ride 3 or 4 times a week, and one of those is strictly a skills practice session at a local park. Yes, it’s a little tedious sometimes (but hey, it’s still uni riding, so it’s always fun, right?), but I find it has really been a benefit when I go out for regular rides.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

My ability to practice rolling mount is gone for good, since I have long cranks on my 36ers I don’t need it, so… not a big deal.
What I am loosing right now is my ability to shift in second gear on my geared 36er.
After a fall at good speed and some modifications on my shoes I had to modify my technique a bit which leaded to some UPDs during a lot of my attempts and I have lost my self confidence.
Now I have to gain back this confidence until I’m not nervous anymore when I’m about to shift.

If this happens I just practice mounts in the house. rolling, Jump or static mounts before a ride. Then I’m normally good to go. I have been enjoying the roll mount of late and find it fine with 150s on it.

I think my wife would be unimpressed if I started riding my 36er in the house :p. I’m just about back to where I used to be with mounting - good enough for riding but not 100% yet.

My missus is a hippie so I get a pass there hehe, I just did a 15km a ride before and I must say when tired mounting can be tough at times.