Does any one know???

I want to know if anyone has or knows were I can find a crank arm to wheel size ratio to feet chart?? I have a 26" mt. Uni with a 170mm crank and want to ride street w/ mt. bikers I’m a little slow and would like to go a little faster. but don’t want to buy the wrong size cranks because profile cranks are not cheap!

                                               Thanks Josh

Shorter cranks will allow you to increase your speed a little, but you still won’t be able to keep up with your 2 wheeeled friends if they are decent cyclists:( I’d use the money to invest in a larger wheeled uni for riding on the street

You can also ride a 29" or Coker (36") on trails, though you might have to walk some technical parts. But the bikes will always have the edge on your because your “gear inch” rate will never be bigger than your wheel size.

Do you mean RIDE STREET(as in the act of doing street tricks)or riding on the street?

Street I mean Freeriding, Urban assalt, Such as jumping stairs drops grinding. The problem is when cruzing from point to point I’m a little slow, would 165mm be short enough or should I go 160mm, I’d say there cruzing speed is about 7 to 11 mph. I want to get close to that as possible, I don’t mind changing the cranks to ride the trails. Thanks

Re: Does any one know???

You could download my "UniCalc software. It should answer the question. (

i ride street with a bunch of bmx ers and i think your best bet is to tell them to slow down, or follow them in a car, at least that’s what i do

I agree with Gen Dribbles - whatever crank length you have you’ll never be able to keep up with them. I used to ride with an street riding bike crew and was always struggling to keep up between locations. Ask 'em to slow down.

Google a gear calculator.