Does any one know anything about this Pashley?

Hi I’ve been offered this Pashley 20" uni, but don’t know too much about it. I am selling it on to a friend who wants to learn. Can anyone help?

my PE teacher has the 26" version of this uni. its fine for riding but not for any insane tricks and stuff. Its far better than a standard no brand trainers but not great for many tricks.

It would be fine to learn on though

Yeah, I know it will not hold up to anything major, only learning really.

who will be learning T thought you wer good ??

Whats that?
My friend wants to learn to ride, so he can unicycle while he juggles!
I don’t really know much about older unicycles, but I presume it has cotter pin cranks, is that right?

Also, does any one know if the seat post is the same size as new ones, because the seat will probably need replacing.

tha pashley bannana is a funky seat, I learnt on a uni identical to this apart from the tyre and it was a good first ride, nice and solid as long as the cotter pins aren’t worn. The saddle isn’t as bad as cheap no-name ones but will chaffe the inside of your leg due to its width. Having said that one of the top marathon riders at unicon used them exclusively. The post is a wierd size so just stick with the seat for now, or use a clamp adaptor to put a 4 bolt on it.

Ouch, I find the seat really uncomfortable to be honest, but I am used to my comfy velo seats :smiley: I might try and make a custom post if all else fails (if my friend wants one that is)

please no big images:(

I know that i’ve got the exact same one in red.
Well, my society as the exact same one in red, but i look after it, so it’s mine.

Anyway. It’s a good runner. The pedels on mine are very slippy and the wheel set is pretty much welded into the frame. You may want to check yours comes apart. I think ours was just mistreated.

yeah the bearing holders have to be a tight fit in the frame, and can be a pain to get in and out. How do you post oversize pictures?

Here’s my baby, my first uni.