does anney 1 use brakes

i was loocking at some brakes and i was wendring if alout of peple use them they loock hard to use too becouse where the leaver is :thinking:

Is loocking and wendring harder than wooking and wondering?

I haven’t used brakes but I want to get some.

They aren’t that hard to use because they lever goes right were your hand is on the handle anyway, you just lift a finger to squeeze the brake.

i cant spell

brakes probably are worth it for steep hills because just stopping with your feet is hard on the knees. I don’t have them nor need them because there aren’t any steep hills in my area.

you spelt those right

haha i wasent shour

you need to stop spelling things phoenetically

Re: does anney 1 use brakes

“iridemymuni” wrote in message …
> you need to stop spelling things phoenetically

Don’t you mean for-net-ick-ley?


how do the brakes not catapult you forward?

you have to practice gentle braking…

I think we have gathered that. Just remember, this is a message board, not IM. You can take your time on your posts, at least enought to make them legible. I’m not trying to make fun of you, you can type a lot better than some people I’ve seen. at least we can understand it.:smiley:

I’m using a brake on my udc 36". It’s not hard to use it at all, and I think it’s necessary to brake down steep hills. :slight_smile:

Just remmeber timtimtimmy that you are special:) And probaly a F**king retard:p

thx man:) that made me feel grate and I hope it made u feel the same way

Ohhhhhh, he got you. But seriously, its not funny to post that on the internet. You might say that to freinds but everyone can view the internet. Think about it.


That’s just ignirant to go purposly spelling shit wrong. Like if he spelled a few things here and there wrong i don’t care but he’s purposley doing it. I know I can’t spell for shit but atleast I try.