Dodgy Jackass Unicycling

I’m in australia, and a friend of mine who knows I muni down stairs etc showed me a clip on his computer of the jackass guys doing a stunt they called ‘extreme unicycling’.
Ive never been really impressed with jackass and this was no exception.
In it the rider, ‘steve-o’ starts riding towards some stairs, baulks it, and falls over at the top of them.
He goes on to try to ride some really basic rough terrain and biffs that as well. He then goes on to ride off the roof of a building onto a swamp with an alligator in it…
I like uni’s getting media coverage, but I’d prefer it to be someone like Kris Holm doing some ‘really’ extreme uni as seen in OTG…

theres my two cents.

Yeh, I agree. i don’t like that sort of coverage. I haven’t heard many details about the movie and didn’t know there was unicycling in it. Thanks for posting that.


Its not in the movie, but in an episode. As far as I’m aware, there is no uni in the movie.
It was just soooo dodgy - ‘extreme unicycling’ that was basically the level of someone who had started riding a uni a week ago…

I had no idea there was a series. It all sounds like a pretty terrible show/movie to me from what I’ve seen in previews.


Its basically just a bunch of skater guys throwing themselves onto, under, into and around stupid stuff…sort of ‘australias funniest home videos’ (which i detest) on steroids…
basic slapstick humour at its worst.

hey seen da movie its pretty crap its just three eposiodes of jackass there is actually no unicycles in it but in an eposoide and yeah that gets on my nerves but hey its coverage guys i mean even though they would have a job even riding a few metres lol anyways i dunno jackass is funny but hey its wot i do every day on my uni
ok bye gaz:D :smiley:

ah lighten up…

Unfortunately, those guys are now rich.

What, are you kidding me? Jackass is the only thing I watch on TV. The movie was great! The movie went way over and above the regular episodes. In fact, I’m getting the DVD when it comes out on the 25th. The only bad thing is that Steve-O did not unicycle in the movie, but he did do lots of pole vaulting.

I think Steve-O can probably unicycle better than what he was doing in the “Extreme Unicycling” episode. If he would have rode down the stairs instead of falling down them, it just wouldn’t have been Jackass.

But what can I say, some people want to be on
Survivor", and I want to be on “Jackass”.

cheers and beers… Mojoe (Long live old punks doing stupid stuff for attention)


excellent post Mojoe, I don’t think the Jackass crew were giving unicycling a bad rap, they were just being their usual jackassish selves :slight_smile:

Exactly, they do stupid stuff with all kind of equipment, unicycle is just one of them. I have a notion that they didn’t now about muni or uni-trials, or at least that most of the audience doesn’t. Uni as an extreme sport is a pretty mad idea (even more sone after you’ve seen it done. :))

My all time favorite is skateboard and bmx in a loop though, would have loved to see it on a uni. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen very few of the TV shows, but one of them did have what looked like trials pogo-sticking. That actually looked really quite good fun. Despite the silliness some of them are really rather talented…


I can definatly see where you guys are coming from - I’m not going to say some of their stunts are not clever or funny, but the majority of their stuff I find tiresome and boring - they do a lot of stuff that has been done for decades by stupid young men and pass it off as their own ideas.
Then they go on to laugh it up to try to make it seem more funny - essentially providing their own laugh track to all the scenes.
Anyway, what I’m saying is simple. I can see where you guys are coming from, but I just dont find it all that funny, and the fact that they are making money out of stuff that has been done by silly young men (like myself) for decades pisses me off even more. Maybe back in year 9 it would have been a laugh. But now I’m over it.

And as for the trials pogo? Heres something to think about - I bet somewhere out there there are extreme pogo clubs that do mountain pogo sticking and they are all there having this same argument about the portrayal of pogo on jackass…

I don’t know if you noticed, but where they were doing it looked suspiciously like the bit in universe when they are hopping throught the waterfall.

I like some bits of Jackass, but other bits are pretty naff. The “extreme” unicycling was one of those bits. Some of my friends at school asked me the day after if i had watched it, and said they thought i couldn’t do extreme stuff. “Hmmmmm,” I said “you call that extreme!?!? I do more extreme stuff than that, and I’m the worlds worst trials rider.” Oh well, its good press for unicycling, but bad press for extreme unicycling. (if that makes sense)

I take offense to that. Get your own damn title!

Re: Dodgy Jackass Unicycling

foolish wrote:
> *
> I’m the worlds worst trials rider *

I take offense to that. Get your own damn title!

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I have to say i agree 100% with Mojoe. Jackass is hilarious and have downloaded many episodes on Kazaa. Those people are professionals at what they do and Steve-o is just really crappy at unicycling. To the older people I know that jumping into sewage streams and putting bottle-rockets in their butts may be the stupidest thing to watch on the tube. But to the younger generation its the best comedy.:smiley:

Well, whatever tickles your wookie I suppose …