dodger jumping

is it ok for me to do hops on my Dodger? I will only be hopping / dropping around 3 inches max, will my unicycle be able to handle this? since its not made for that kind of stuff :p, but it will be the only way i can get over high curbs :S

id say at that hight it wont hurt anything so drop’n hop it up. oops that was kind of dumb.

Yeah, square taper cranks are rated to 10 inch drops by riders of 150 pounds or less. And if that rating is given, then it should hold up to copious 10 inch drops, so I would bet that you’re fine for curbs. I ride on/off curbs all the time on my freestyle (square taper) so I wouldn’t worry. The longer your cranks are, the less of a drop is required to bend your axle, from what I can tell.

Don’t go hopping off short walls like I did with my old 20-inch, that bent it pretty quick.

Some unicycles break from a 5 inch drop…Some don’t. I actually took my first uni(Sun 20") off multiple drops of 3-4 foot before it actually broke.


Yeah, I’m not familiar with the “Dodger” unicycle, but my Sun 20" also took some good 2 foot drops with no problems, so 3 inches shouldn’t be a problem.