Documenting freestyle routines

This is a cross-post but I didn’t get any replys from the tutorials folks, I’m hoping there is more info found here:

Our team has lot of tribal knowledge of current and past freestyle routines that we perform at half-time shows and such, but nothing documented. I’m afraid as older members pursue other endeavors this knowledge will be lost. How have y’all documented your routines?

Here are some thoughts I have:

  • Mount a video camera high above the gym floor and perform the routine
  • Create a computer animation of the routine [/LIST]

    I really like the idea of a computer animation, just dots moving around the gym floor. It’s simple, repeatable and allows experimentation without gathering everyone together. Has anyone tried something like this? If so, how did you do it?

  • Is there a language for freestyle, like there is for knitting? Pedal one, spin two, pedal three, hop four…

    If one could transcribe a freestyle routine, then the computer animation process would be much simpler.

    I agree, I wonder if marching bands have something like that. The uni language usually sounds like this:

    Ride straight, now turn left, NO the other left, now stop, ride backwards, get BACK ON the uni, look out! ah crap. :stuck_out_tongue:

    Video is probably the best way to capture the performance. You specified Freestyle, which is more than just the patterns ridden, or the tricks done. For example, Panther Pride’s epic rendition of The Wizard of Oz, at the 1999 convention they hosted.

    But for formation patterns alone, a simplified video animation could be useful. A lot more work than just videotaping the riding, of course… :slight_smile:

    I wonder if there is a video of that performance somewhere. There is no one left on the team from 1999, even Alan Tepper has retired. Alan probably has photos since he shoots everything that moves and a few things that don’t but stills don’t do justice to motion.

    FYI: I emailed a guy from a marching band to see what they do. If I hear back from him I’ll report out here.