Do you toofeno?

Not sure if “toofeno” will catch on, but it’s much catchier than “one foot
backwards.” (Thanks to David Stone for that one).

If you can do this, can you tell us all about it? How did you learn it? How
long did it take you? How do you recommend learning it?

I’m really comfortable with one foot forward riding, either foot, fig 8’s
etc. And I’ve made good progress on backwards wheel walking in a fraction of
the time spent on toofeno.

Seems to me that I need to continue to refine my basic backwards riding until
it’s as smooth as frontwards. In other words, I should be able to ride very
slowly with virtually no jerkiness in the pedalling, very light pressure on
the pedals and very relaxed. This takes a lot of practice beyond basic
backwards riding.

I also try to copy what I do when riding one foot-forward. I’ve noticed that
the amount of flex at my ankle is less than when riding forwards (my legs are
more tense and rigid).

If you start to closely compare the difference in your forward and backward
riding, it gets pretty interesting. I’m guessing that some aspects may be
very similar (for example, your overall body movement on turns). Other
aspects might be different (your legs are at a very different mechanical
orientation compared to forward riding).

I have no problem now taking my foot off the pedal when riding backwards - I
just can’t make it past one rev. I’m making progress and practicing this a
lot, but am curious if anyone can suggest anything else.

One other thing I’ve toyed with. I ride my 20" with 4" cranks. I wonder if
converting to 4.5" or 5"s would make it easier? I’m not really inclined to
do this though. Seems like a bit of hassle, and I don’t really want to ride
on 5"s,.

Joe Merrill

Apparently I do though I hadn’t heard it called “toofeno”.

I start from one foot idling to go forwards or backwards as a preference. I’m still learning but on a good day I can get quite far and I’ve turned left and right a couple of times.

At the moment I’m practicing by doing one foot idle, one revolution then idle again then one revolution etc. I’m trying to get comfortable with starting backwards and keeping my balance. I sometimes use my toe as a brake on the tyre if I’m going too fast.

I have seen it done from forwards one foot then a quick 180 with a dab on the floor with the other foot then into one foot backward.

Keep trying ‘cause it feels great when you do it.

Cheers, Gary