do you think it's worth it to get my 07 kh frame welded?

it broke at the typical spot right above the crown.

this guy says he can do it for $40. i know nothing about aluminum welding or the prices for it. is 40 just a complete ripoff?

he also added that it still may break…which is why i probably won’t do it. any other trials riders had their kh frames welded? do they hold up after welding?

KH frame are made of 7005 T6 aluminium, T6 means they receive an heat treatment after welding in order to improve strengh at the welds. If you get it repeared, I guess it will remain weak. I would prefer to replace the frame for the latest design

It worked with mine:) I got it re-welded in fall, it’s still going strong and I love it!:smiley: I dont think it’ll break soon!

Frame weld (Aluminum)

First off, $40 bucks is reasonable for a quality weld, Which includes metal prep and set up with the correct weld filler rod. Typically about $80- $120 an hour at a shop. (Not everyone who welds has the correct equiptment)

Second, Because of the properties of 7005 alloy, Yes a solution heat treat process is normally done to bring it up to T6 temper. But a repair weld on a heat treated frame will be strong enough, and most likely bend in failure the next time if it is not quench cooled after weld, but allowed to cool by itself on its own time. (important) Becuse rapid cooling makes the aluminum. Dead Soft (Annealed)

With this said, only repair if you like this frame and Money/Cost, is an issue!

I’d say for $40, you’ve got nothing to lose! Maybe it lasts a year - is it worth it then? Will you be in a better place to buy or replace it with another?


Weld repair?

+1, and a little paint!