Do you think it's safe to ride with injured ankle?

I’m suffering from an overuse injury/tendonitis in my ankle. I’m trying to baby it but need to get some exercise. Anyone know if some mellow road riding hurt the healing process?

You should be fine, I tool around when Im injured

I’ve been having a similar problem for weeks now. God damn achille’s tendon that seems to want to take ages to heal. At times the pain migrates down to the bottom of my heel as well. That foot happens to be the one I use to push off with in order to mount the unicycle. I haven’t slowed down my riding at all, however I swallow my pride and use posts, benches, etc. to help mount when they are available. I also got some 661 ankle braces and they seem to help.


I’ve had swelling in my ankle since a ring fight (Muay Thai) back in November and, barring chest infections, I have been riding every day since the start of January this year.

Voltarol Emulgel is quite good at taking the swelling down and I wear an ankle support and boots for riding.

Well, it isn’t getting any worse at least :smiley:

Rest your injury.

I sometimes have mild achilles tendonitis from jogging and unicycling never makes it worse, even doing hard-core Muni. I figure the exercise stimulates blood flow which speeds the healing process.

Thanks all.

I figure I’ll give it a go today and see what happens afterwards. If it’s worse I will stop doing it. I figure it’s less stress on my ankle than walking/hobbling around, and the blood flow has got to help. Where is Mr. Miaggi when you need him?

Pain happens for a reason. It’s telling you “be careful”.

IMHO, if you are hobbling around, rest is best. Riding is one thing, UPDing is another. Worsen the injury and you may earn a more severe injury with a longer mandatory rest together with a worse functional outcome. A pool might be a good place to exercise but still rest the ankle.

The most important thing in top sport is to listen to your body; you only have one. It serves you, so if you have a strong mind you can push it far. Finding the border is only possible by going over the edge, but that’s usually harmful.
I find it annoying to see people ignoring injury. Cause in the long term you’ll get the rebound. In your case; I can tell mild riding is usually good for muscles and circulation, and often better than sitting entirely still; but I’m not a doctor; and I certainly cannot give you other advice than to repeat how I started: listen to your body, it’s usually pretty reliable.

Achilles problems

Hi guys,
for those who aren’t aware of it. The latest ( well over 20 years now apparently) is the use of an eccentric heel drop exercise to develop the calf muscle which controls the Achilles tendon.

A few years ago I had to stop running completely due to Achilles tendonosis. when I learnt about this exercise it took about 3 months to get back to running 40km, I still do a set of these after running and riding. Never have a problem with stiff legs getting up in the morning :slight_smile: Used to be a very painful hobbling first thing in the morning.

Here are a couple of refs to check;

The important thing to realise is that this is about strengthening the calf, it’s not about stretching the Achilles tendon per se.

As with all recovery, take it easy and don’t try to get back to where you were without building back up to the previous level.



Well, I still haven’t ridden yet. I decided to take the resting route. I’m walking around almost pain free and loving it. Went swimming today to burn some energy up. I’ll be riding soon enough. Thanks for the input, both for riding and for resting.

I broke my ankle in sept. unicycling… I was riding my bike 4 days later with a walking cast. I went swimming, ran in the water about a month later. I used an air cast and work boot and was unicycling in 18 days. I have been exercising vigorously for 42 years and have never stopped. If I injure myself I isolate the injury and find a way to exercise around it… This has been very successful for me…