Do you think I need a new 20"?

I have a torker unistar LX 20, and now I’m starting to do things like wheel walking, jumping down things, and balancing on curbs and such.

So my question is, do you think I could do with an upgrade? Will it help me get better and want to improve more?

definitely. you won’t be afraid of trying big crap because you won’t have to worry about breaking your uni.

Yeah good point, I was looking at those deals for the K1’s, I’d be mostly using it for street type-stuff. I’d heard that the devil frames were not as good?

they’ll be fine, they’re wont break on you for a long time if you’re still learning :slight_smile:
I’d still reccomend a green spirit/alien backflip over anything with a devil frame though, for the pimp factor/lightness :slight_smile:

the spirit/alien/domina are better designed? I don’t know much about K1’s, and their website will not open anything for me except their muni page.

the lx is a fine uni

That said, the K1 deal seems excellent. I don’t think a K1 will make you a better rider. I mean, I own a KH 20 and I ride like crap.

A lot depends on how heavy you are. The lx is impressively tough. For light riders it seems you can do a lot with it. The K1 and KH are heavier a bit, and a lot stronger. Not really easier to ride.

yeah, much better designed, and they’re made of aluminium instead of steel so they’re far lighter. :slight_smile:


Hey go to right now and look up cgf unicycle they have xtp (hella good for trials) and alien backflips (good flatland/street) for less than $200 it’s legit i just got me a xtp it’s perfect It’s a white sale i think is what its called but anyway the sale ends in 4 days so hurry fyi xtp retail 900 meijer 170 best deal you will EVER find

those “XTP” unicycles, don’t have the XTP frame, they have the devil frame.
the alien backflip/green spirit are better.

I ended up ordering the Black Domina off Meijer, and signed up and used code NEWTHANKS, it gave me free shipping. Pretty sweet.

did you brake it? No? ok, then first brake it and after that you can buy a new uni :smiley:
If you are not able to brake a ‘standaart uni’ you don’t really need to buy a trial uni xD
but if you have the money for it and you really want to do trial… than I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t buy a trial uni… (+Koxx flight is pretty cheap now! :smiley: )

Now you can lend your old one to your friends and try to get them into it.

No I haven’t broken it. Do I want to break it? No.

I have long been a firm believer that items of higher quality, be it instruments, tools, unicycles, etc inspire you to do better and hinder you less.

When I ride the torker, and jump it off ledges, or ride it hard, I don’t want to be thinking about when it will break, I just want to be riding, that alone is worth it more to me.

Plus, now like aarons said, I will have another unicycle. I don’t know anyone else around here that unicycles, and it’s hard to try to get people to learn or even to try to learn, when you only have the one unicycle.

Hopefully I made sense, and justified my present to myself :wink: