Do you teach or promote unicycling?

Are you a teacher or youth worker who teaches/promotes unicycling?:slight_smile:

As the wife and mother of unicyclists I am interested in why people learn to unicycle and how it can benefit them. I am undertaking some research into how it impacts on young people’s motivation, self-identity and self-esteem, particularly 14 to 19 year olds who are not high-achievers at school. If you teach unicycling, or encourage/promote it, in school, at a youth club or somewhere else, and would be willing to have an email dialogue with me please PM me. I’d also like to hear from you if you work with any 14 to 19 year olds who might be willing to talk to me about their unicycling.

If you are interested in my research generally or have a comment to make on the subject above please respond to this post. :roll_eyes:


Unicycling Teacher

I have taught a few people how to unicycle and promote MUni here in Israel However you should talk to Nimrod Nir of the Isreali Unicycling Organization. He teaches hundreds of people unicycling. His father is an accerdited teacher and started teaching unicycling in Israel about 20 years ago, after learning that special needs kids improved thier school grades dramatically after learning to unicycle. Apparently learning to unicycle is a special skill that developes kids self esteem and demands focus and concentration. The kids then feel great about themselves because they can do something that no one else can do. Takling homework then becomes easier! is the link to the Israeli Unicycling Organization.


I highly recommend contacting Alan Tepper in North Bend, Washington (USA). He has coached literally thousands of riders of all ages and is considered one of the best, both as coach and teacher. His background is in teaching, coaching and counseling so is more than qualified. Besides that he’s a great guy.

Go here: and click on the “Schedule” button near the top. His email address is at the bottom of that page.

Many thanks for the contacts in Israel and the USA. They sound really interesting and I’ll definately get in touch.