Do you swing?

We were are Brier Park tonight when I decided to try the swing while on my Trials. At first I tried to lift myself and the unicyle up but just ended up going over the seat.

Next I put the uni on the seat with the cranks horizontal, put my left foot beside the tire, swung my right leg over and put foot on the back pedal, then put left foot on forward pedal.

It was actually quite stable, I got going and found it quite fun. After a few cycles I even sat on the seat. Slowing down and getting off was not quite as gracefull.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I had seen this before and after a little searching I found I had just completed Number 24 of JF’s Things Not To Do On A Unicycle, there was even a puddle! (I know I’ve done number 3 too on a bad MUni bail)

Anybody else swing?

other playground dont’s

I have also had a go on a swing on a unicycle but i ate dirt when i tried to ride off it when it was closest to the ground- a serious don’t. But the worst playground incident i’ve had was trying to ride off a spinning chunder roundabout thinggo, one of things you sit on and get spun around untill you fall off or get off and be sick. i never made it off the death machine instead polaxed myself by crashing and then getting thrown onto the hand rail things. This is not for anyone to ever attempt again- i imagine even if you do make it off you would have no balance to ride away from it. Well this is my advice for the next generation of playground unicyclist nutters,

Ive never ridden on that type of swing but I have ridden on other playground things. At the local park there is a thing that you hang on to and you go back and forth its medal and you hang on to it and push off you stay at the same height just go forward, that was pretty fun. I also have tried a rope swing which is just a rope. I put it around my frame and it kind of worked.
I wish I had a better explanation for the first thing.

The ultimate unicycling playground challenge is, of course, the Kompan Supernova.


On the matter of don’ts on a unicycle, whatever you do, don’t ride your unicycle and roll a handtruck/dolley in front of you, pull it from behind. I was doing about 8mph on my trials uni while rolling my unloaded handtruck, and riding onto the sidewalk using a wheelchair indentation in the curb. I aimed th handtruck fine, but a very tiny (.75") bump in the pavement stopped the handtruck and I then ran into it on my uni. Crashes involving handtrucks and unicycles aren’t pretty. I now have a bruised thumb (I fell one my hand), and some roadrash (I think that’s what it’s called?) onmy ;left arm:( . Then, I did the same fall more slowly about 200’ away. Lesson learned. Pull the thing behind you, and don’t use one at all unless it has stair climbers. I know that it wouldn’t’ve made it up all those curbs without them.

As for injuries on playgrounds, I nearly breoke my arm recently when I tried some puny hop onto a small log stair. My tire slipped on the sand, and my balance arm dropped, landing a large part of my weight on my forearm, directly in contact with a wodd ledge. That sucked. I was 2 miles from home with about 2 75’ hills in the way. What a ride:( .

Do you wanna see the difinitive “swing trick”?

Visit my gallery…
there’s a video file… Vignu swing grab :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Enjoy it

Ciao ciao

PS: I’m waiting your comments…:stuck_out_tongue:

ever tried those “spinning wheel o death” things, its just a big wheel that turns around, you can unicycle on it while it turns, bunnyhop to stay on the spot, or as mentioned in previous posts, eat dirt.