Do you see muni slopes steeper from up or down?

Sometimes when I turn round and look at what I’ve just descended I’m surprised I made it, and sometimes when I clamber up an intimidating slope and look down, it doesn’t look so bad. Is it this way for everybody, or do some of you see slopes steeper from the bottom and some the same from both ends?

Interesting question. I always find the prospect of a steep descent more daunting from the top. Not surprising I guess, but there is always a pause in motivation before tackling something that looked totally do-able from the bottom.

  • 1 , ha ha! well said.

Pretty much this. I run a (VERY HEAVY) 29er with 125mm cranks, and can get up any hill I want with this setup. However, I don’t have a brake, so descending some hills can really take it out of me. I feel like I’m a pretty strong hill climber because I’ve done it on bikes for years too, but having to put effort into going DOWN a hill is a bit back-asswards to my MTB background :smiley: I’m considering getting a brake, but I don’t want to ruin my sexy black wheel rim :smiley:

Woohoo! Got my 26" oregon yesterday, however, still too busy with work schedule to even try it out. Cant wait to take it out on the trails and slopes. My current profile uni with 170mm profile cranks with duro 3.0 are excellent for going downhills. Plenty of braking power that I seldom fear going down. I take it real slow when I first go down on the questionably steep ones. Then I climb back and repeat several more times with increasing speed each time. Though, I really should find a way to mount brake on it so I can further increase my speed downhills. :roll_eyes:

Now, back to answer question.
For me it depends, sometimes it looks really steep from the bottom ( just like in skiing) then when you get up there its a cinch when you just zig zag through it.)
Well, perception can be deceiving, and sometime you dont see the bumps and dips, so really it can be vice versa,
for me at least.

I would say generally, it looks steeper to me from the bottom.

To me, things generally look more scary from the top. Steep doesn’t bother me as much as technical, though it depends on the degree of either.

Im sure the type terrain is a major factor, with rocky ones you tend to anticipate HURT more:D

Bottom line is: with either a tad or mucho apprehension at the top, once you commit it sure as you know what feels damned good when you’ve done it!

Nothing like taking a risk that confirms one’s courage and ability.

definitely steeper from the top. Frequently I realize that when I see a slope from the bottom and distance I am thinking “no Way, too steep”, when I get closer the slope becomes less steep and I can climb it :slight_smile: perspective is funny

Slopes have definitely started seeming steeper from the top for me, since I saw that snapped d’brake adapter :astonished:

Good point. Sections can also look more/less technical from different vantage points too.