Do you ride with Active ankles?

For what it’s worth: I sprained one ankle but got braces for both - I’d hate to explain the brace on the other angle to the X-ray technician…


Wow, I had forgotten about this thread.

I did buy shortly after starting this thread. I took John Child’s advice and got some Dr. Scholls foam heal inserts to place over the bottom of the AA. This has really helped in regards to comfort.
Originally, I bought the AA’s in a medium, but they were really uncomfortable. They seemed to clamp around the sides of the foot and I couln’t get them tight around the area above my ankle. I then returned them and bought large’s which were more comfortable. They were wider, so it minimized the uncomfortable clamping sensation. Several weeks later I added the foam heal inserts.

However, I find that I get some rotation in the brace when I cock my foot inward. The bottom of the brace rotates a bit and is no longer parallel to my ankle/leg. I often wonder if I will lose support from this if I ever landed hard on an uneven surface.

Really tightening the AA’s minimizes this, but it is still apparent. If I tighten the velcro too tight on the AA’s, they can bruise my shin after a day’s MUni ride. I have really big calfs, so this may be part of the problem or even, as I think about it right now, the foam heal pad may be contributing to this, somehow.

Anyone else notice this rotation issue?

I was seriously considering getting active ankles, I some times would roll my ankle lightly (not a sprain or anything) But it would be sore for a couple days. A friend of mine sprained his ankle and couldn’t uni for weeks. I think it is a wise investment.

Personally, I used to suffer from bad ankle twistings on trials rides. Once I got the Active ankles, I dont think iv done a trials or Muni ride without them. I dont notice them at all either. or… almost at all. Rarely the plastic for me will get cought on the axle nub thing of my profiles. but it’s totally worth it.