Do you recommend a brake on a 29er?

I have a 2 mile cycle journey to work and I was thinking of getting a commuter 29er, a Nimbus 29".

  1. Will brakes fit?
  2. If so, do you recommend getting them fitted?

Brakes do look quite expensive, though.


Brakes are for hills. Any steep hills?

In Cambridge, UK? Nope, not really. I did see a contour line sometime ago.


There’s no point having a brake in Cambridge. No hills steep enough to require them.

You might want to fit one at a later date if you go on rides in other areas of the country, but it isn’t super important.

The nimbus frame can fit a caliper brake (cost about £10 or so) by drilling the frame (easy), or maguras by getting the mounts welded on (cost about £40 minimum if you get the brakes 2nd hand), or v-brakes by getting the mounts welded on (about £40).