Do you prefer seat in, or seat out for trials?

I’m more of a seat out person. But i’ve seen alot of people do sit in.

Re: Do you prefer seat in, or seat out for trials?

For high jumps, seat out always. But for long gaps, I can never do it seat out. I always lose control, wonder if I should work on this…?

Almost eveyone I know, and everyone good, uses seat out for higher jumps and quite a few use it for gaps. I personnaly only use seat out for higher jumps and nothing else. I believe KH even uses seat out for going up stairs really fast, but I could be wrong, it just looks like it in Unizaba…

Those were big steps, though, and I don’t think they were actually steps…
If I remember what you’re talking about.

I cant seat out at all hardly,only about 14 inches.

Rolling hop i USED to be able to make 20,but know its more like 18.

I’ve got a majorly seat-out stle for trials like when I watch Andrew’s vids he does most of his stuff seat-in but I always see myself doing them seat-out…or same for pedal grabs…I can’t do them seat-in…I think about the only thing I do seat-in would be a gap to skinny… even then…sometimes I pop out my saddle.

Im a seat out person too. I can pull it up whenever i need it. Only gaps with seat out sucks. I almost always hit legs against my uni.
Must learn to make gaps with seat out becouse i hate to put it out or in everytime in section.

I do just about everything but skinny rides seat out. My seat in is awful, so often I can do pretty much any trials move as well or better seat out, including precision lines. I also do big gaps seat out, but then again I suck at gaps relative to my riding level (32" sidehop compared to 5’6" gaps on a good day), so I think that I could also do seat in.

The only time other than skinnies when I think seat in is better is on giant gap-drops where you land at an al
gle where you can’t roll out. If you go seat out, it’s too easy to have the seat ripped out of your hand.

seat out for most things, exceptions being drops and gaps.

I’m realy more comfortable with seat out for trials. Makes it easy to bail out.


Yeah, and that’s all you really need to worry about.


Seat out. PEACE IM OUT!

you can hop seat oUT@!?