Do you need lots of skill to justify this uni

hey ok i’ve only been riding for 1 year on and off but very seldom, do i ride cuz my saddle hurts my man regions(not my balls but the area underneather there)and i currently have a norco uni:P(the only one i could find in town) ok now my skillz are very minimal dude to barely riding tho i thing i catch on pretty quickly. I am 15, 145 pounds and 6 feet tall. Do you think that i should get a kh 20 trials if i have the money?
Everyone says that it makes riding like soo much easier and my local bike stoer have a kh 24" cross country in and i test rode it and it was like butter. So what do you all think ?

Ps just so you know im not terible i can idle, ride backwards kinda, jump up down curbs, jump down stairs and do like 2 foot drops

Thanks in advance

I say go for it!

I used to ride a Sun classic. The saddle would kill me, when jumping, and practicing freestyle, I just couldnt do it much cause the pain would be too much.

Once I upgraded to my DX, everything got better, the seat I can, and still do sit on for hours at a time, its so much smoother, a little heavy but to me it feels like im jumping with a LX, it was extremely worth it.

You dont need to be a great rider, going big and doing flips to get a good uni. If I could go back in time, I would of bought a KH uni as my first uni to learn on, that would of saved some money and increase my learning time for other things, and its just a great uni. =p

it would be an awesome uni to get. because if you buy a cheap uni and learn quickly you will regret buying the crap one and want a better 1.
just make sure that you want to uni in the future cos you dont want to spend 500 bucks then realise you hate unicycling

EDIT: Jerrick beat me :slight_smile:

yea alright thanks soo much. and i definatly LOVE unicycling and everything that goes with it. I also want a 36" for transportation and a bc wheel. I think im goign to get the bc wheel for christmas:D:D

well thanks abunch

you definately don’t have to be a good unicyclist to get a good unicycle (not saying that you’re bad). So don’t hold back.

I think you might want to go with one of the new KH 24s instead. it would suite your height more.

It depends on what he wants to do on it.

i’d like to get into trials. Tho i do have a badish knee but its slowly getting better but it does give me bouts of pain like it is right now:P(i ripped my anterior crutiate ligament playing basketball)yea thats why i want the 20", then would come the 24" when i get a job next semester for Muni:D:D

oh and one more thing. To quickly put things in perspective for you, when i said i had riden very little in the past year aka since i got my uni i mean i’ve only riden it like only 15 hours or less IN 1 YEAR tear and very little of that was practice time, most of it was just riding so thats why my skillz seem rather minimal

I have a friend(mango on the forums) who does crazy trials, street, and muni all on a 24 by 3 muni. he got rid of his trials becuase he liked his muni more.

hmm but the KH 20" would still fit me right? cuz im more into trials that Muni cuz the closest awesome place to Muni would be a 25 minutes drive and i dont have a lisence. and would you recomend a 05, 06 or 07?

yeah it will fit you. i,m 5’6 or so and had to cut my seatpost down a bit.

i’d reccomed an 07 cause theyre the newest and probably the best of all the KHs.

but if you get a cheap enough one the 06 is still great.

07 : )

alright i was gettin a bit worried when mornish said that the 24" would be better for my height whewph im glad the 20" will fit me good cuz thats what i really want:P

yeah dont worry about mornish :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

ive got the 07 kh frame, street saddl, aluminium post and seat clamp and i am loving them !

you’ll love yours too !

how big / tall are you?

5 foot 5 inches

148 pounds.

i cut the seatpost down about 2 - 3 inches

buying an expensive uni will motivate you to use it as much as you can. I feel bad when I don’t have a chance to ride my DX and I only paid 250 for it!

are yes that area is called the gooch

or the ABC, ass ball conection