Do you Muni??

So who hear is an avid Muni rider? Ive recently taken a real intersest in it and decided to build a new Muni for myself.

So i created this thread with the hopes that it will stick around a become a Muni discussion thread where you would come to ask or answer questions about Muni.

Also post your Muni setup(Spec List) and a pic if youve got one.

I guess ill start
My Muni

Frame: Bedford 24x3
Saddle/Seatpost: Kh/Steel
Rim: Alex DX 32 24"
Tire: IRC Kujo DH 24x3
Tube: IRC DH Threaded Valve
Hub: '03-'04 KH
Cranks: '03-'04 KH
Spokes: 14g DT Black Laced 3 Cross
Pedals: Kona JS

Ok so heres my first question(Definately not the last). I hoping to get my frame for Friday so that i can take my Muni and go for a ride Canada Day weekend. So if i can go, what tools/extras/foods should i bring along. Im planing on going for the whole day. What do you guys bring on long Muni rides?

Ok thats all. Thanks

Hey, that’s a great idea, I just started uniing about a month ago, so I’ve been figuring out where I’d like to focus, and I think it’s going to be MUni, so I’ll come back often to check out this thread if it gets started up.


My first attempt at MUNI was last weekend… It wass fun, even though I twisted the axle on my LX. Now I’m trying to justify the cost of a MUNI in between the eyerolling I get from the wife.

You are going to need to change ur name from Trials_uni to someting else…

Water and everything to fix a flat or a twisted seat. For the whole day, bring food: fruit, energy bars, sandwiches, etc.

For the record, I have a two stock munis without brakes. KH 24 freeride and KH 29.

Yeah i thought about that just after i started this thread…But a trials unicyclist can still do Muni so i left it alone. Is there a way to change your username without starting a new account?

Glad to see another IRC Kujo rider - that is an awesome tire! I have also rode on a Gazz and a Duro Leopard and like the IRC the best. Works well with a wide rim like yours or the Surly Large Marge that I’m on.

I love Muni, I usually just bring water and some snacks on rides, but I don’t ride all day. I have a stock QU-AX Muni. Your costom one sounds really nice.

I esspecially like the Pinchflat resistance foam in the sidewalls. That was the main reason i chose the Kujo DH.

Although I have four-coker, trials, KH freeride and torker 24"dx- I ride muni exclusively! I find it somuch fun, great exercise and just being out in nature.:smiley:

Just tell her that you can get the BEST MUni for a fraction of the price of a decent mountain bike.

I did the same thing, bent a number of things on my LX after just a couple of weeks, and then got a Qu-Ax MUni, man is it a WORLD of difference. Pictures don’t do MUni’s justice…get one. The LX is just a TOY in comparison.


Man that is so true…The true girth of a Muni is way bigger in real life than in a pic.

I told her I can either spend the money once and do it right, or buy something cheaper and spend even more upgrading and repairing it. That seemed to work, I just ordered a KH24 Freeride :smiley:

I would bring a camelbak, those are about 30 dollars for a good one, 3 liters about. Patch kit, allen wrench set, tire levers, the plastic kind, and a tiny wrench, make sure to get the sizes that fit your uni, those can all fit in your camel bak if you have a section for tools, and then some snack bars.

That should be good for a day, I have gone on way less, which was a few drinking fountains for a 12 hour ride, and no food, it sucked, but managable.

All the Muni I have done has been on a trials, but I still do all the single tracks and trails we got up here, its just not as fast, and it really as helped with my rolling technique, hopping any pedal position to get over stuff I cant roll over on a trials.

I have the Camelbak M.U.L.E. it holds 3 lt of water and lots of tools and stuff. And i have a set of 2 double long park tire levers(steel). Also i have all the tools i need for my specific uni(wrenches, sockets, allen keys). i think ill be allllll right!

I love muni. I muni every chance I get. I need more muni friends.
I love my stock Kh 24XC. I am getting a lot better at hopping thanks to tips fron the fearless and mighty ObieOne.

I’m not a good enough rider yet to do technical muni but I do enjoy doing less technical, easy hiking trails. I ride a Torker DX24. It seems pretty strong. For longer rides I have a Blackburn hydration pack with lots of extra storage space for snacks and tools and such.

A question for you all: The DX24 is supposed to have frame clearance for a 24 x 3 tire but is the rim wide enough to handle it?

Yup it is…It has an Alex DX 32 right? I run a 24x3 IRC Kujo DH on mine and its awsome. Also Terrybigwheel on these forums runs a Duro Wildlife 24x3 on his DX.

I have done some drops (albeit small ones) with ridiculously low tire pressure (I weigh 185) and no pinch flats. Yep, I like that feature…

I also like the Kujo because it picked out my Muni color scheme for me…Red on black!