Do you lock up your unicycle?

Or just carry it with you when doing errands? I usually walk when going out to get just a few things, but today thought I should unicycle. Then got confused on whether I should lock it, take it in the store, and whether it’s even allowed in a grocery store???

Have you ever been forced to leave it outside? :thinking:

I take mine in with me, i always have a lock incase they ask me to leave

Seems I remember a video of a member here (Terry I think?) riding his uni (Oregon maybe?) in a Home Depot. Not sure though…

Edit: Found it. It was Terry, but the uni looks like a KH.

“From cheap labor to a box of nails, they’ve got you covered.” :smiley:

I take my Coker into ANY shop (my dog too, unless its a food store or restaurant). When I go grocery shopping, I just toss it into the shopping cart and wheel around the store.

No lock.

I used my uni as a commuting tool in college, I locked mine up while I was in class. It was just an old schwinn and people left it alone. I never tempted fate by leaving it locked up overnight.

I use my Coker as my daily commuter. I lock it to the bike rack at work. Advantage of a pi-bar is it helps in lock-up.

I’ve left mine sitting outside a shop before because what’s the average muggle going to do with a unicycle? It’s probably stupid of me to think that way. A desperate enough person will steal anything. There have been a few posts here about stolen unicycles before. So it does happen occasionally.

I lock it up like i lock my car… ALWAYS! I think someone would steal it to say they have one… not risking anything…

It depends

My torker CX… if someone wants to steal it, what are they going to do with it? Craigs List it for $50.

My KH or Triton, doesn’t leave my sight unlocked. Too expensive to replace.

One day in Helsinki

I left my 20" uni at the entrance of Nokia shop - and when we came out it was missing!
My friend saw wheel right in the corner and we chased it. There were 2 drunk Finnish men. We took uni, thanks without force. They said please dont call police we thought it was free.

I’ve done both (well all three if leaving it unlocked is a separate option) it depends on the context. I’ve only ever taken a little wheel (19er) in a shop, and was kind of surprised at the friendly reaction I got - complimentary comments from people at the till serving me (I’m sure one was disappointed I hadn’t ridden around the store). Wouldn’t generally leave a uni unlocked in town, but quite happy to leave it outside our local village hall or similar places.