Do you like skiing though trees?

If you like to collect new experiences in unicycling and if you like
skiing down through widely spaced trees in soft snow then you will
probably enjoy the Sunday ride off the top of Galena Pass that Joe
Stolzfus has planned for next month’s Idaho Mountain Unicycle weekend!
Yesterday Joe gave me a sneak preview of the fun he has scouted out up
North of Sun Valley where the group will ride off the 8300’ summit of
Galena pass for a wild 1200 foot bushwhacking decent to the Salmon River
Valley below amid awesomely beautiful scenery. There is a crisscrossing
gravel road nearby for those who desire a safer route to the bottom.

At first I thought I should have my head examined to even think of
following Joe as he pedaled right off the road into the sage brush…in
the Western Washington Cascades where I muni, you certainly WOULD have
your head examined if you rode very far off the trails! But this hill is
so evenly sloped and the sagebrush is so yielding that I soon realized it
really doesn’t matter where you point your wheel and soon I too was
weaving down through the Aspens, whooping and hollering in amazement.

The kneedeep sagebrush can be easily mastered by a 2" or 3" tire with help
from gravity but long pants or some shinguards are helpful in the scratchy
branches. Whatever you wear will be thoroughly perfumed after the ride!
Don’t miss this one! Joe also has many excellent trail rides and some
trials fun planned for the weekend, read about it at
<> (Check out the funny
wheel-logo that Joe and Judy came up with!)

Jeff Sloan “unicyclists are never two-tired”