do you juggle

when you ride a unicycle. I dont and never will
1-becus i would feel like a clown
2-Theres no way in hell could i juggle and ride a unicyle at the same time:)

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…unless you are talking specifically about riding and juggling simultaneously. I probably could, but I have no interest in it. I like them as separate activites.

Juggling is a lot easier than riding a unicycle. If you can ride a unicycle, you can learn to juggle while doing it.

If you want.

What’s much harder is doing it while idling!

Or side hopping! Or for that matter, street unicycling and juggling at the same time!

I can juggle balls and a bit of clubs while riding. I still have to learn to idle properly, so I can juggle while idling:)

The trick is to synchronise your juggling and idling rhythms, so that each pedal stroke corresponds to a throw. I find it easier to fine tune my idling rhythm (easy to do by moving the pedals through a greater or smaller distance) than my juggling rhythm.

That said, I prefer devil stick to juggling when I’m on a unicycle.

Three ball flash -> crankflip -> continue juggling…I could see that.
I think Kevin M is the best juggler and street rider both, let’s get him to try it!

my friend bought one of those at a festival, there awsome!


i dont like to juggle and ride at the same time it isn’t very fun or hard,
but can and did in my village carnival parade recently, as it being fairly easy to do i became bored so i did some tricks to spice it up. e.g one foot ww and mills (a nice combo :sunglasses: ) and gliding with the machine:D.


Well, I’m quite a competent juggler, and quite a competent unicyclist.

But when I try to combine those skills… it’s a complete and utter mess. Anyone watching would think it was my first day trying both of them.

That said, however, I don’t try the two together very often at all. I see them as very different passtimes. I know that both have ‘circus’ connetations, which I dislike associating myself with, so maybe I avoid jugging whilst unicycling because of the double emphasis on clowning.


I do both but not at the same time. It is easy and it makes ppl think think that im trying to be a clown, which is defently the last thing i want ppl to think when they see me.

That reminds me of something I try every few years, when I think about it. I guess it’s time for me to start trying again.

I’m quite a competent face balancer and quite a competent unicyclist. But when I try to balance a club on my nose (or even something longer, like a devil stick) and ride a unicycle at the same time, I just can’t do it.

Balancing a club on a finger while riding a unicycle is no problem. The real difficulty is the fear that kicks in when I try to lean my head far enough back, while on a unicycle, to balance something on my nose.

i wish i could juggle! i haven’t really taken much time to learn, but it would be fun to do while riding unicycles. i can balance things on my hand and ride… thats as close as it gets for me.:frowning:

I can do it with balls and a little with clubs but I don’t see the point, really. It’s only good if you’re performing and even so, while interesting a sight for the first 20 seconds, it gets tired (and tiring) fast.