do you have to have really low saddle height to achieve high rolling hops?

i started working on my rolling hops this week finally, (height) and am up to about 63cm so far. i mostly hop sif though, and i have my seat height really high, like my knees almost fully extend on the down stroke.

is my eventual max rolling hop going to be less than what it could be with a lower saddle? do you think i could eventually get to about 75-80+ cm rolling hop with a really high saddle?

I am not a hopping specialist but a lower saddle makes it possible that you can bend your knees more so you can jump higher. But in comparison to static seat in hops I don’t think seat height does matter that much. It is more important that you can throw your uni forward so that it is nearly horizontal to the ground. At least you should work on that technique and if you have “mastered” it you could adjust seat height.

Not really.

A large part of a good rolling hopper is how flexible he/she is at the hips. Sit down and try and get your chest to your legs. This is the motion a well performed rolling hop feels like.

Now it just makes so much more sense, thanks for that tip. Helps to visualise something in order to accomplish it.

y does everyone always ask about such tiny details about everything? just try it out and see wats comfortable for u. its that simple

good. i just got used to riding with a high saddle…i hate switching between different heights.

Because this is the fastest way of learning something and doing it well. There is a lot of riders out there with wonky self taught techniques that really hinder them getting better. This is why there is a unicyclist forum… besides bashing bikers and acting like little pricks to each other;).


What’s the big hurry?

How are you to know what a good technique is if you don’t try the bad ones first? There’s no hinderance when you learn why a good technique is actually good…

…after all, are you going to blindly trust what a bunch of strangers from the Internet tell you?

I usually figure they at least kinda know what they are talking about when I see pictures and videos of them doing things I never had even imagined was possible, it gives me something to shoot for and I will gladly take their advice.

yeah…i’ve received a lot of good advice on this forum. i think it’s kinda here for advice…

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