Do you have to have a grind plate to grind?

Just wondering if it’s possible to grind without a grind plate on your pedals. I’m trying to learn. also any suggestions on what to learn how to grind on or tips that would help me learn with less pain involved. thanks

What kind of pedals are you using. If youve got metal pedals then I suggest a grind plate. It sometimes works to just take out all the pins, but some pedals might not hold up to that. If they are plastic then it depends on what pedals they are. Let us know.

I have two sets. Both metal, and you can’t remove the pins from either.

If you can’t remove the pins then you can grind the pins down with some sandpaper or a grinder. I had two pins in my pedals that didn’t come out so I spent half an hour with a piece of sandpaper getting them worn down.

I much prefer metal pedals over plastic ones for grinding, but others feel the otherwise.

For more info on learning to grind please make yourself familiar with the search button, it may seem like a pain but its definatly worth getting used to it as it will save you and us much trouble in the future (sorry if that came out harsh, you havn’t done much wrong but the sooner people use the search function the cleaner this forum will be). If you are struggling with the search feature send me a pm and I will be happy to help you out with it.

Hope I helped.

You could build something like mine… I just hacksawed off the pins on my welgos and buit a grind plate out of a hard plastic cuttingboard. Just ask if you have any questions about them.

uni stuff 001.jpg

uni stuff 002.jpg

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