Do you have the Torker?

I got one off E-Bay and hate that the plastic dust covers always seem to pop off. I destroyed one as it came off and I continued over it. I had seen a thread in the review section that got me looking for some metal screw in ones.

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The plastic press fit style crank arm dust caps do like to come loose and fall off. The solution is to use dust caps that are fully threaded.

The crank arm dust caps have three purposes

  • Protect the crank extractor threads
  • Look good
  • Keep the crank nut from falling on the ground if the crank nut ever gets loose has some plastic dust caps.
That style works OK on some cranks, but on other cranks they still continue to pop off. The problem is the tabs. Plastic dust caps that have full threads, rather than those tab things, will hold better.

The best solution is to find some metal dust caps. These dust caps are fully threaded and will not fall out. However, these dust caps can be expensive and hard to find. The design of bicycle cranks has changed and these style of dust caps are Old School. The bike parts companies have stopped making them and are probably no longer in their catalogs. If you can find a pair of metal dust caps get them. In a few years you probably won’t be able to find them anywhere. …

Vuelta USA also made pretty alloy dust caps. You can check with your local bike shop to see if they can find them in a catalog. I don’t know if Vuelta still makes them.

First choice for a dust cap connoisseur would be the alloy dust caps if you can find them. Second choice would be plastic ones with full threads. I have alloy dust caps on my freestyle unicycle and those dust caps are never going to fall off even though that uni gets banged around a lot from my failed attempts at freestyle skills.

I wonder if we’ll still be able to find alloy dust caps in 5 or 10 years. Already they’re hard to find. In 5 or 10 years they may be impossible to find. Yet another reason for unicycle hubs to change their design to use an internal thread for the crank bolt, like what bikes are now using for the bottom bracket.[/B]


After seeing this post I started trying to track them down. I wasn’t doing too well, then I called I explained the problem and gave them the info John had posted about Vuelta to Amy and she went to work. I just got a call from her today, and they have them in stock in several colors. She said the won’t be on the website right away since they need to have them photographed, but you should be able to call and order them. Sorry, I forgot to ask how much because I was just happy they now have them. But I will be getting mine. I don’t live that far so I will be going over there.

Re: Do you have the Torker?

Sweet! I want some blue ones. :slight_smile:

I posted a message about this subject earlier on my torker. Mine snapped in half as I did a small jump onto a crate. I decided to put duct tape over the hole, just to make sure no debris get in there. I don’t see why this would work, unless you don’t want to look like a bum (like me).

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Oh Wait! Vuelta doesn’t make a blue dust cap. They make a turquoise dust cap, and that’s not quite the same as blue. Bummer. A company called Alloy Accents used to make a blue alloy dust cap, but not any longer. The new color coordination for my freestyle unicycle is not coming together as planned.

I bought mine here (, you may want to contact them first about shipping cost. My local shop carries most colors but the green I wanted, they have been hanging there for awhile.

How to keep Torker(and similar style) dust caps from falling out.

Put a small bead of bathtub calking on the flange of the dust cap.
Try not to get it on the tabs that hold it in place or it will get in the crank threads. You don’t need a lot.
insert the dust caps and let them dry over night.
They won’t fall out but are easily removed when you want to pull the cranks.