Do you have OR want a custom frame ???

hey guys so long story short im thinking of buliding my own frame for a long tour and i was thinking if you have a custom frame if you could post a picture and tell me what you like / dislike about it what you would add or take away
also if you dont have a custom frame but do have some ideas on them please tell me.
I allready have a design that is looking good to me but i dont really want to share the details of it i want to know what YOU would have from a fresh prospective. thanks guys

You’ll be hard pressed to have a frame built that is equal to what you can get off the shlef, and you’ll spend more to do it.

The are already some great frames being made by custom builders including Triton (Ti), Surly (discontinued), Nimbus (steel and Ti) and Hunter (steel or Al). I had a frame built from Ti, it cost $800, took six months and three iterations until it was really rideable, and it’s still not as good as a Triton which costs less and is ready built.

The dropouts are the biggest issues when having a frame built, then there’s the problem of convincing your frame building to make the legs stiff enough…

For sure, don’t go light, build it strong so it won’t flex, have it built for a disc brake hub which UDC will be stocking and selling by Summer 2011; I’d bet disc brake hubs will the standard in a few years. Don’t get a built in seat post pinch, they break and are often too weak. Have it built tall enough and wide enough for all possible tire dimensions you’d consider riding, for example, a 26" muni frame to fit a 24 x 3, 26 x 3.8, 29 x 2.5.

Honestly, it’d be cheaper to modify an existing frame, so for touring I imagine you’re talking 36er, so use a KH frame and have it blinged out, or go big and get a Triton or Hunter. Personally, I like Ti, it’s a nice riding frame material, but it’s gotta be made well or it’ll flex like crazy.

Custom frames are great in that you can have them built to fit your needs and meet your goals. I have a custom frame to fit my fat 29" wheel and it works very well. At the moment I don’t think I would change anything on it except maybe make the seat-tube 1cm longer.

Your goal is quite different.

If I were to get a custom frame built for a long tour I would get some sort of 36" V frame. Probably with a 1 1/8" OD “top tube” that you could clamp a bike stem onto if you wanted and 7/8" ID at the front end sticking out past the front crown for if you want to stick a T handle in their like the ones you can get for a Nimbus Shadow handle.

I would want it built with Cro-Mo steel for strength and ability to get it welded pertnear anywhere if you happen to break something.

V-brake bosses on the back of the rear legs and a IS disk brake mount to be used with a crank mounted disk brake. -plan to use disks but have the option to use V brakes if you bend the rotor on tour etc.

Bearing holders designed to work with a Schlumpf hub (for when you decide to throw one in there)

I haven’t thought about getting a custom touring frame at all… :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks man this at the moment is therotical and my dad owns a fabrication company that specalises in bespoke components for allsorts so no problems there

i was acctully thinking 29er with the geared hub and custom 110/138mm cranks
also i dont want to tell people the design of the frame i was thinking ( fresh perspective )but there is nothing like it that i can find i could possibly be modifed from a 29" nimbus II but there the wrong material for my speck so unless it was for a quick prototype there wold be no point.
thanks man keep the design ideas flowing :smiley:

i like the thought of a back up braking system i hadn’t thought of that i’ll admit i was just going to go with standard maggies they havet let me down before but i do like your idea of the v brake bosses as a back up, as far as i can tell maggies would be hard to come by in the middle of mongolia or the andies :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like you could use a few of these things. (.,’,…,…,"!!!–!)(!!..,’".’.’,’,".!!__???’.","/’’)_—.,…".’!?

Whenever you need one, just pull it from this pile and insert it into your text.
That’s OK, no charge. The only payment I need is to be able to understand your text on the first read.:smiley:


Very funny Geoff unfortunately dyslexia dosn’t make great typists but fortunately dose make good designers.

any design ideas Geoff ?? or just sarcky comments ??.

Yeah, I’d tell you but I really don’t want to share either.

If you haven’t noticed, the unicycle frame hasn’t changed much since its creation, with the exception of bearing holders and brake bosses. That’s 'cause there’s nothing to improve on.

What do you stand to gain by taking a one-off prototype on a long tour instead of a tried and true design? …besides the risk of premature failure in the middle of nowhere?

Like i said this is jsut a therotical thing more of a concept for a project im working on so im not acctully gonna bulid the thing and ride off into the sunset im just seeing what ideas people would have.

the points ive been working to are.

  • storage - standard *ikes have places for panniers and whatnot unicycles not so much im looking at alternives to carring gear in a backpack.
  • spare spokes- your on your own in the middle of knowhere youve hit a bump bad and broke some spokes, how do you go about fixing it if you cant find a few spokes and you havent brought any with you. solution have them inside one of the fork legs.
  • frame construction- we hope the frame wont break but what if it does does the village you find yourself in have the setup to weld ?
    would forgings and a machinied crown with bots be a better idea ?

like i said this is all therotical so if you have a idea you think is cool throw it in the pile.
and that quote has deffiently been reworded.

I am also sort of wondering why you don’t want to share your ideas. Unless you plan on getting patents for your ideas what is the harm in sharing?

Give us some ideas of what you are looking at getting built and we will be much more likely to give you ideas and help you tweak your design.

If you are going with a 29" wheel I would make sure that you leave enough room to put in a full fender. Staying clean and dry on long road rides is nice.

EDIT: i guess you are coming around. Cool ideas. Spokes in the fork leg eh? reminds me of that fat bike that had the pressurized cooking gas in the down tube.

i get you man and im deffiently not after a patent :stuck_out_tongue: i just want to know what YOU would want even if it just a paticular part, like that mud guard i didnt think of that
the reason i dont want to say what ive come up with is because im very bad at getting stuck on one idea and just modifying that and not looking at other possibilities, i want to hear what you guys would want and see if that might take me down a better design route. i do things in strange ways somtimes

Fair enough. I am assuming that this is going to be mostly used on roads and dirt trails but no real off-roading right? Is this tour going to be self supported or with a group?

Yah I know it is all hypothetical but let us know what you decide on if you do build something up.

well im thinking world tour self supported so mostly XC dirt tracks and badly paved roads wouldnt it be cool setting off on a unicycle with a world infront of you to explore :smiley: The more i think about it the more i think its possible I mean im sure somones done it before on a uni right ?
and dont worrie if i do bulid somthing up you guys will be the first to know.

Cool project!

World tour’s ambitious man, go for it! I believe you would be the second after “Wobbling” Wally Watts ages ago.

I’ll second the 36er V-frame. It’s only a dream for me right now, but a few have been built. A user on here called NatureQuack rides the nicest one I know of. Try out some aero-bars (you can mount them on a T-bar if you have one). I wouldn’t do another tour without them. The main attraction of the V-frame to me is the strength and stiffness it would provide for the aero-bars. Aero-bars on a KH T-bar are really flexy, and I broke my t-bar on my last tour.

Have you tried a geared unicycle at all? I never have, but I don’t think I’d tour with one, unless perhaps I did another tour with bicyclists. For touring distances, I love short cranks on a regular 36er with aero-bars. Feels like I could spin all day. But again, I’ve never used a geared hub…