Do You Ever Get "Those Days"?

What I’m talking about is when your out riding one day and you are just landing everything you try. Your going bigger than you ever have before. You feel invincible. Well for the past couple months I have been riding alot, and enjoying it. BUT, it is really hard for me to land anything, I havn’t increased my hop height by more than a couple inches in the past few months, whereas I work on that almost every time I ride. Discuss.

this happens to me a lot as well. When it does, I just take a break from what i’m currently practicing and try something else new. I’ll work on it for about 4-7 days, then go back to what I was practicing previously. I find that when I go back to whatever I was doing, i’m better at it. I don’t know if it’s all in my mind, or if it’s actually the muscle group I was using is fully healed.

So maybe try to cut down on hopping for about a week, and work on something else. Then go back to hopping again and you may find that you improve slightly without even practicing.

funny ryan akins asked that too


I did a bunch of searches before making this thread and I didn’t find anything.

By the way monocylist. That is a great suggestion. I think I’ll take a break from the trials course.


Want to explain your quick answer? This is a discussion.

Your just going through one of those periods where its slow. Ive had that happen so bad. But then one day like you said you’ll be better than ever and can land everything over and over. Then it gets slow again until you go to the “next level” and your good again for awhile. Then it repeats.

I think every day for Ryan Atkins is one of “those days.” Or not idk. I think we have “those days” and then we expect them the next day and don’t have them so we think we are doing bad but really we are just doing normal. That is what I think.

whenever i seem to hit a wall and can’t progress, i find it helpful to take a few days off from riding. then, whenever i start riding again i find that those few days off have helped a ton and my riding will have improved.

warning: you may die(or go insane) of boredom from not riding for a whole week. start an art project or some other project to keep you busy.

Muscles get tired and reflexes get all crappy causing one to suck or have a bad day. A good remedy to this is to stretch properly and so some possible exercises before mounting back on the saddle. But resting is a good key element to anything that requires alot of physical action, unicycling will do that since we don’t get the pleasure of freewheeling too much.

yeaqh i had one today i almost landed a 0.5 flip and almost pedal grabbed today so im very happy (all of whisch i couldnt do yesterday)

some days are really good and i can do everything really well and i usally learn a new trick. then i have those days where i suck at everything and i stack it which just makes it worse. but most of the time i have normal days where i just get better at certain tricks but don’t actually learn anything new.

Yeah when I get those I can pull 720 unispins like nothing. But on an average day my 540s arnt consistant.

Errr, yeah. Sure. Video? I guess you probably don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see it still.